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1PipFix is Canadian Metatrader Forex broker. Read review and news about 1PipFix.

I would recommend to anyone as a MT4 Broker. Multiple ways of account funding. Wednesday, March 13,

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A pip is the smallest price move in a forex or CFD exchange rate. Learn how to measure the trade value change to calculate profit or loss. OANDA uses cookies to make our websites easy to use and customized to our visitors.

This is beneficial to you, the trader, because the spread is a component of your transaction cost. For those who wish to determine the calculation by hand, follow this method below if you are not interested in the mathematics involved, then proceed to the next article.

First you start with the size of your trade. If you want the value of a pip for a mini lot, you start with 10, You then multiply your trade size by one pip for the pair that you are trading. I multiply 10, by. That gets me a value of 1. Now we need to convert that Yen to the denomination of your account. We expanded more about this topic on page 9 of our free New to Forex Guide.

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I decided that the biggest deposit I will make with this broker as their spreads are the best. I made a withdrawal with them through PayPal and everything went fine. In case if the price is within 10 pips, you cannot do anything with your orders, like stop, limit and others. I have never met such problem with other brokers. I asked their support about that and they told me to contact their technical support, so I did but did not get a reply.

This broker really surprised me. They are really the best with those low spreads that they offer. They spreads are incredibly low! You must be an idiot not to make a good profit with them. They offer just 0. I honestly like this broker. I have gotten a great experience with them.

They offer great spreads and their customer service treat me as an important person. I can use EA and do scalping. I did not have any problems to withdraw the money with them. This broker can be in the list of three top brokers. I have been looking for a good broker, because I have had many problems with other brokers. So, I have found this one and to make sure that they are fine, I contacted their customer support and they were very nice and fast at replies. I was forced by my friends to leave FXCM and join this broker.

I must tell them thanks, as I glad that I have opened their account. They have great spreads. Their prices are so low that it would be stupid not to try this broker out.

There are several things that I like to do the most, which are scalping, hedging, and EA and this broker allows everything of this. I did have problems in the past when other brokers would just close my account, but not this one. I am a newbie and this is the first broker that I tried at recommendation of Earnforex.

I must say I like that I did that. I guess their spreads are the lowest compared to what you can meet today and this is why I like them. This is just a great broker who offers only 0. This is a perfect broker if you want to make money. Outstanding services and brokerage.

The registration process is fast and easy. I could deposit within just several hours. I am happy that I can use my credit card as well as Moneybookers to make payments. I have met only good things with them. They care of their customer and it is really possible to make profit with them. It was very fast to register with them. It is a great thing for me that they accept PayPal payments to make in and out payments.

I could make a great profit with them. I have met many traders who have been trading with big brokers who just took the money from them. This one is a broker who you can trust to.

I have never met a person who has had some problems with them, including difficulties to withdraw their money and I know many people.

If you are looking for a secure broker, you can stick to this one broker. This is very good broker with excellent services, low spreads and fair trading. I have spent with them a half of a year already and do not even have a thought of changing them.

I really appreciate good communication skills in broker and this one suits me. They also offer just 1 pip spread which is great. I guess you may find a better broker than this one, but honestly I have not managed it. I am very happy with their spreads and fast execution. I trust this broker to invest my money. They offer just 1 pip spreads on ten different currencies. They are not a marker makers and this is I like them. Their customer services are great.

They are fast to reply. I have spent with them several months using trading and hedging and can surely say that they give you a high chance to make a profit with them. They were patient and quick to answer my questions. Tuesday, April 16, Sab , Hong Kong. Wednesday, March 13, Francine S , Finland. Sunday, January 6, Monday, October 22, Broker spreads are sometimes hitting bottom of. Monday, October 15, Sunday, October 7, Wednesday, September 26, Wednesday, September 12, Thursday, August 23, Emmanuel philipo , Madrid.

Wednesday, May 30, They got me hooked on the fixed spreads.

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