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For example, travel sites might use daily average FX rates to power global pricing engines or currency conversion, whereas financial websites may leverage real-time rates, updated every few seconds, in order to showcase currency trends or engage clients with interactive charting, all powered from current exchange rates data. Its size and volatility make it too important and unpredictable for organizations to overlook. The fact that there is no central authority, also unlike equity markets, contributes to the opaque nature of the FX marketplace. The data should be also be downloadable and customizable in order to compare multiple currencies at one time as well as choose the type of rate needed, such as bid, ask, or midpoint, or use a specific Central Bank as the source of data on a case-by-case basis. These daily average rates are the calculated average of the currency intraday fluctuations and can be conveniently populated inside ERP systems and other financial applications.

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