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Depuis 10 ans, le marché des devises (FOREX) est l’un des marchés qui a connu la plus forte croissance, ce qui en fait aujourd ’hui le marché le plus liquide au monde.

But I did have some issues back in where my order was not executed when a limit or stop was reached. Besides have never heard anyone saying something about withdrawal problem. This is just market reality, period. Phantom trades , impossible execution during heavy trading hours , not allowing to close out my trade and lock in my profits.

Avis Marchés FXCM

Le SSI (Speculative Sentiment Index) de FXCM PLUS est un excellent outil vous permettant de mesurer le positionnement et le sentiment général des traders sur le marché du Forex. Cet outil peut vous aider à décider du positionnement de vos trades. À la différence des marchés boursiers.

Les devises "commodities" AUD et NZD sont à nouveau en baisse face aux devises majeures et pourraient inscrire des nouveaux plus bas annuels à court terme. Stratégies haussières sur le CAD.

Analyse technique cours de l'or - fragilisé par le rebond du dollar après la Fed, le prix de l'once d'or a cassé un support majeur. Le CAC 40 face à un risque technique avant la hausse de taux très probable de la Fed. Analyse technique - Le CAC 40 se stabilise sous une zone de résistance en attandant la probable hausse de taux de la Fed ce soir. L'évolution des dots-plot sera le catalyseur majeur. La résistance à ,17 sera décisive — la Fed attendue.

Ce seuil est majeur pour garder une perspective baissière de moyen t Analyse technique Ripple - le cours de la devise virtuelle XRP se stabilise sous un niveau de résistance majeur à court terme. Le dollar capitule face aux devises majeures. Le cours de l'or s'approche de son plus haut de la semaine. Le dollar néo-zélandais continue à surperformer, le PIB ressort bien au-dessus des attentes. Le PIB vient soutenir le rebond du cours. A demo account is intended to familiarize you with the tools and features of our trading platforms and to facilitate the testing of trading strategies in a risk-free environment.

Results achieved on the demo account are hypothetical and no representation is made that any account will or is likely to achieve actual profits or losses similar to those achieved in the demo account. Conditions in the demo account cannot always reasonably reflect all of the market conditions that may affect pricing and execution in a live trading environment.

Does that mean it is a reverse scam? Then again after hours trading spreads can get up to 4. If anyone has specific questions please feel free to email me. I am only an individual and do not give advice. I am actually shocked and surprised to read most of these posts about FXCM. Please email me specific details of the problems you have had jtbredeson yahoo. If there is a real problem I would seriously like to know about it.

Lets be clear I AM a newbie, however, I've been trading on this website off and on for 2 years. No big money, but I find it odd that if I'm putting in a sell or buy, the currency would do the opposite and my money is gone. I've even placed buy and sell on the same currency, and the currency will remain flat.

I do my research, look at economic indicators, etc. I've lost money and made money as I figure out what the heck I'm doing. I'm confused about a lot of these scam posts. Is it not true that forex brokers make money on each trade the spread and not the result of the trade? The more trades I make - good or bad - the more money they make.

If I lose all my money, I cannot trade anymore and they will not make any more money off me. I've made scores, if not hundreds of trades and my net earnings are up. I don't care that FXCM makes money off each of my trades - that's what a broker does, that's what keeps them from going out of business. As far as the occasional hickup, if anyone knows of a system out there with no glitches, please share that information with Microsoft.

Create their own charts, with spikes. Generally good reaction from the platform except after news. After news, the system may in fact lock you out as has been reported on this board.

After a while of demo trading I noticed a lag in quote between FXCM and the charts, which could be up to 10 seconds long even on a fast internet connection. I began to take advantage of this lag and I was seeing 10 seconds into the future, all my trades were profitable, even though I had few margin calls I was everytime quickly up on my feet and winning again, untill the point when hundreds of mil orders in one direction could hardly affect my gigantic margin.

Few days later he deposited more thousands into his account, but this time he lost due to FXCM delayed quotes, which was helpful to me in my demo account and helped make over mils in few days The point is that demo account do not replicate the real world, no matter how convincing it seems, a demo account will find no dificulty filling your mill order, while in real world this is not possible especially with FXCM. You get from the camel its ears!

Other Brokers have much better margin call policies designed to protect their customers not destroy them. FXCM also has outragous spreads somtimes as high as 20 pips at market open and news breaks.

This will affect all open positions hen it happens. Also bear in mind what I read on FXCM website about getting a false margin call when wrong data is fed to trading stations, A margin call can be trigguired by software and wipe an entire account and actualy close open position and who will fix that!

I hope you guys who tried other brokers in live accounts write about them and I would like to hear from people who had any withdrawal troubles with any broker to tell us about it here. The responses from their side were virtually identical to what they told Andy. I have uninstalled their software and will NOT consider using them.

I'm beginning to wonder if you can trust ANY of these guys? They have come up with a new scam. I got an email that my account is being "upgraded" from mini to micro.

I do not want this but they say since my balance is less than 2K i have to move to micro. The only way to avoid this is to bring my balance up to 2K. I then asked them what if losses bring my balance less than 2K. They said i have to maintain 2K at all times. This sounds like they are forcing me to micro just to make me part with my money. In the case of micro, from what i understand, they ARE trading against you. So, they seem to have figured this is more profitable to them, at their clients' expense.

So this ends my 4-yr trading history with FXCM. I trade two services and make my living full time with FX. These ratings are now useless. But my two friends who also trade full time use Forex. These three services are not scams. They make a lot of money on the spread and interest and its to their advantage for you to make money and make more trades. Remember, when you make money, they hope its from other services and leads to more trades.

I have other trades on the sites. I looked at my spread and commisions FXCM has a commision for gold members, but ultra low spreads , it was over 30K last year. No wonder they like me. But my profit was over K. It's not a scam and not impossible, but its a full time job for me.

I spend 12 hrs per day 6 days per week studying. I read every paper in the world and spend hours on my charts. So ignore these fools. But treat it as a job and do your homework. If you treat it like Vegas, then you will lose just like Vegas.

This is my career. No different than being an banker, doctor or lawyer. I get paid very well, but I have lots of stress, many sleepless nights trading the London market and days where I lose K. But the days I make K, they make up for it. From what I see, FX trading is very binary. Either you can do it or you can't. So most either lose their money or make a ton of it.

Luckily, I fall into the latter. I use the different sites for diversity and each does have something unique. My friends like Forex. I really like FXCM becasue of the simple interface and the daily news and trade forum they have. Its nice for trading on your vacation when you promised the wife to not trade and do it anyway on the hotel computer. I don't have another job, but I could see it being useful for trading at work.

I am definitely proof that they are not scams with my withdrawels. The next day I took out K because I was paranoid. No problem, was in my account in three days.

After I become a gold member with 10 Million in trades per month, the next wire xfer was one day. Gold members get preferred treatment. So if you want to trade forex, any of the three are great.

I realize that not every site is legit. But I think you can trust the biggest outfits as they are making more money on the spread and don't need to scam you. Maybe all of Wall St. FXCM charges or pays a simple interest per day the trade is open. Some brokers use a different system and it seems to penalize carry traders. But I am used to the Oanda and FXCM way, maybe the others are fine once you understand the way they do the rollover interest.

I selected their best system and within a month the account was depleted. You guys who post that FXCM scam, are in fact scammers. Try taking it down, see if you can. If FXCM scam, why so many people use them? FXCM is one of the top dealer. They're too big to be scamming. Every market maker earned alot from spreads.

You're going to lose. Which scammer would "play fire" with a regulatory body? Scammer would never register themselves with ANY regulator.

Any lawsuits are welcomed. You'd be welcome into the jail. Now let's see, who can fight my statement? I have back off almost everyone.

Here's what I wanted to say. I've kept it for a very long time. I have experienced it myself. If you leave your trades open for too long, you will experience these "mystery spikes" that will force you into a margin call.

Also if you have noticed the prices change much more often on the fxcm platform. Do a quick search before you open a live account with this company All the negative reviews on this company are true FXCM has been sued many times in the past for all kinds of dodgy and unethical conducts. While with them, they had a partnership with FXCM in helping people to learn to trade.

I've take several courses through FXCM and had first a mini account and now a micro account. The others made me more confused when I got off the phone and thought,"oy vay" I love their trading platform. I have had minor issues with it, but they were only minor. Aside from not liking the lack of phone support, which may be a good thing lol, is the service fee when you withdraw from the micro account.

My feeling is you never have to pay for a withdrawl unless the funds are being wired. I have voiced my concern on several occasions with them and strongly suggest others who have micro accounts with them, do the same. As for making money. Early on in my forex career, I overleveraged my account which resulted in several margin calls.

I prefer to enter and exit quickly, but if I have to leave the trade open, I feel confident, I can leave my computer and let it do it's thing. It's up to you. You can trade the most active pair,mildest or any inbetween. Just make sure you dont overleverage or you'll surely lose your money. Don't ever think you won't eventually get scammed by fxcm.

Sooner or later, you'll try to close a trade, it will get stuck 'pending' for 9 minutes, the trading desk will say they can't do anything, and you will get screwed.

I'm not talking about in times of news, I'm talking regular time. If the trade was in your favor, it won't be, if it wasn't, it will be worse.

Sent all needed document scans. Wait one week, two weeks Account is still locked. I thought scans were lost and sent again from other email. I wrote a question to online support. I wrote a request to info fxcmmicro.

I wrote a request to admin fxcmmicro. I repeat my letters from different email service. I want to write a question to FXCM forum I cannot register, no confirmation.

It is more than 3 month with no single reply, only automatic advertisement and automatic reminders to send a document scans for account unlock! It is extreme disrespect to clients. Moreover, now it is very easy to imagine what problems can occur to all of you if you want to withdraw your funds. Company, considered suitable this manner - do not reply to their clients - is very suspicious company.

I am not a regular trader, nor do I have any really great methods, but I have been trading for for 3 years. My experience with FXCM has not been all bad. But I did have some issues back in where my order was not executed when a limit or stop was reached. Since then I have not experienced any of those type of issues.

Now , I use a signal provider. I went to a signal provider after FXCM's charting software had too many bugs in it on the daily chart. The last manual trade I did before I switched to a signal provider cost me a few hundred because I used the chart to set my entry point. The chart was wrong, and then after a few days the chart corrected itself!!!

I complained to FXCM support but they basically said they are not responsible for any "Information" they provide, I made the entry point and it executed so it was my fault. I have been having problems with the signal provider and FXCM today.

FXCM is again blowing me off when it comes to the money I lost. I expect that there are a lot of other brokers out there like this. I am not too pleased with FXCM. Here is what happened to me recently. I traded right from the candle chart. When I hit OK button the dialog box disappeared and nothing happened. Oh, not to mention that every time their system enters me 2 to 3 pips against my trade on top of spread which is never less that 2. Oh, when you complain them about it they'll blame it on your bad Internet connection It's always in their favor I use the Micro Trading Platform as I like that particular platform.

So if your new to FX Trading don't open a live account without trying the demo for at least a couple of months. Understand what drives the market and use the market data. I've never done forex trading before so I got a book about it and worked the demo for a couple of months. I still use the demo as I'm trying to get the Japanese Yen understood and I still struggle. I don't bet on anything that I don't understand.

FXCM's trading platform's are not the best. However using the stop loss and profit limit will get you what money you want and give you some security. I agree that the programs need to be better but FXCM seem to be working on updates and in the last three months I have noticed that it is getting better. FXCM is definitely not a scam.

Do not listen to bad reviews on here. Chances are that people are not very sensible and just bet whatever way they want. I do this full time and I make an extremely comfortable living out of this. Yes the pips aren't the greatest but they're trying to make a living to. If you want to know about this company go and talk to them, I've found them to be very professional, open and informative.

I have been invited to their offices in Paris I live in France , offered free seminars with guest speakers, if your a newbie their online starter course is incredible value with tutor back-up 24hrs a day. I'm not telling you go open an account with FXCM, I'm saying go and investigate yourself, these type of review pages are meaningless, be smart be wise and ask the right questions, you'll soon find out who the scammers are.

It says "FXCM Ltd will contact you within business days with your account status" but it after around a week i received nothing and when I contacted the support I got a reply that my proof of address was not accepted and that I need to submit a bank statement. Now after a week nothing changed. This was a bad experience and now i'm more suspicious of fxcm being a sCAM more than anything else. Unfortunately I'm learning more about how the brokers make money off of their clients than a broker providing a reliable platform for their clients and charging a reasonable rate for it.

I've tested the FXCM platform now for only a few days. As a user friendly platform I really like it but I've noticed a few things about it that have already been reported here. Stop hunting - I really didn't know the term before reading about it here as I really don't understand how a broker could make money off of my loses. However I was in a trade on my demo account with a 30pip stop loss and the rate spiked 40 pips taking me out.

I was already in a loss but the spike was very unusual as there was no real volitility in the market to explain this. I was first using the US platform and noticed that it had no capabilities for any stop loss or trailing stops.

I called the customer server dept. I thought that this was odd but didn't question it. After reading here I now understand. As a newbie to the markets I'm totally appauled at what I'm seeing in the forex market with brokers and I can completely understand why people are losing money.

With so many fees, ie. Anyone who is a border line trader is going to lose their money to the brokers. So the big question is where do we go from here because the biggest question that I'm finding here deals with trust. If you don't have a good broker who can provide half descent service for your trading then what do you do then?

I have been using them for over a year now and have had no problems at all. They allways pay, have good spreads. But this is a typical problem I have had on my old computer with any system e. So if your going to have your computer on studying the market, get a good computer and a good internet connection. The broker isn't making any money on losing trades, it's just losing the money you deposited and traded on Bad trades! That is one of the main reasons I use fxcm, because they give people a fair deal.

So i guess i'm moving on to another site sinces these ratings can't be trusted at all!!!! Funds Transfers within 24 hours. My money was always wired to me on time. The current issue I can report to you all about them right now is that they are no long able to conduct business in Canada! This screams to me that they are violating Canadian trade rules and have been kicked out of the country. That is cause for concern for me now.

I retract some of the good things said about them previously based on this removal from Canadian market. Also Spreads are crazy wide in the most opportune times - I have pictures of spreads as wide as pips! Execution is surely not good with these brokers any more. I have to detract my star rating from a 4 or 5 to a 1 now. Yes true you can make money. But they make it difficult for you and they try to provoke you and wear you down.

They change the order timing as to not execute your trade and it changes on the platform but the order stays the same in the fx report. When you try to inquire by sending screen shots they always beat around the bush. I have plenty of proof already. They are crooks to the bone. Wide spreads unbeleivably wide when there i snews. But the important thing is there is no trust.

What else can I say? They have a terrible service, I now believe that their whole system is a big scam. Demo works realy good but live account has some issues.

Staff at FXCM keep calling me to invest large amounts of money, no thanks! According to their rules ive lost my funds due to the time limit below an agreed amount held in one account.

There are some great secretes to make money with forex by FXCM do not tell you these. Scalping on 1 or 5 min charts is not one of them. You obversely didn't know what you were doing then! Its your buy and sell choices that are to blame, not the broker. FXCM don't make up the prices its done by the market. Let me give you a free tip.

Set up a single "Moving avarage" red line. Buy only when low is higher than the line, sell only when high is lower than that line. But look to see what the H4 chart is doing and to back up your dissioin look at the W1 chart to catch your cock up.

I agree that the spreads are unusually high. I often run trades in more than one account at least in a demo and a live account and can make considerable profit in a demo account long before a trade with FXCM will turn profitable.

Something is wrong with this. A number of times I was forced to close trades that would have become profitable over concerns about the margin. I was carefully avoiding over-trading at this time and had set up a limit for myself of 3 or 4 very small trades. The margin available in my account did not really allow me to trade successfully.

I'd call this a total scam. They have cost me a lot of money. Another problem is that FXCM will do a margin call and close a trade even though your not even close to using the limit. They've closed trades I would have made good money on otherwise. Go elsewhere before they steal your money as they stole mine.

I almost forgot to mention that at roll over time FXCM will collect interest but they don't pay interest at roll over time. No response to questions. Platform always shutting down.

This was fine until I started improving my trading. On two other occasions my stop losses were executed by suspecious spikes in the rate which didn't really exist in the price on other charts. I was clear they were not involved with my trades when I was losing money but once I had some wins they started working against me. I just stopped trading for now and searching for an honest broker. First, their customer support was very fast and efficient.

Always a nice, knowledgable person on the othe end of the line. I got money out with no problem whatsoever. The funny thing was I had errors when I tried to exit trades from time to time and it ended up being why I quit them. Never knew if I was getting "played". It doesn't make sence for a broker to try to drain your account.

Anyway, too many of these losing trades where I knew what to do, did it, and got errored into a loss. That may have had something to do with the errors, I don't know. I'm not ready to say they were scamming me. I have lost money, but it is not because the company is a scam, it's because I will admit that I am a noob and suck at trading. Their customer support is always friendly and helpful, even when you're only dealing with hundreds of dollars. Their trading platform is also awesome for being completely free.

I will say that I'm disappointed with the removal of Stop-Loss, etc But they can't help that. It's the regulators' fault. All you people complaining and saying this is a scam are idiots. You're just mad that you lost money that you couldn't afford to lose.

Rule number one in currency trading- if you're going to bitch about losing money, you're in the wrong industry. Stop giving a great company a bad name.

Too seldom but very effective ;-. In many cases you will find discrepancies. These discrepancies invalidate all indicators and all support and resistance. This intentional bogus information is designed to misinform you into making poor trade decisions and eliminates any possibilty of trading most systems.

If you aren't trading for the long term, I highy suggest that you do not use this platform. Read this risk warning very carefully!!!! Especially the second paragraph!!! Personally i think that they have very bad and stupid programmers. I am a programmer and can not imagine such bugs in a software written by the good teams.

I make perfect trades for 30 days straight and as soon as i trade live account funds i suck somethings up. Stay away from them! This being done they now make their money by adding outrageous chop to the swap rates both sides and marketing to the general public knowing full well that 9 out 10 accounts will be gone in 90 days. They have no scruples and I am filing a law suit. I have double my account in demo in two weeks but why is it very hard in real account?. I just dont understand.

I do have experienced technical errors like I have reached margin call which means my account should have been closed. I thought that was horrible. I did this in real account.

I mean in terms of pips. I just thought is FXCM a fraud. I am pissed off. Trading almost daily on a part-time basis in the evenings and early mornings PST and Hawaii Time , I have finally reached the point where I am ready to quit my "real" day job and trade full-time.

Having surfed and studied other broker sites from time to time, I feel overall that FXCM's educational and news sources are exceptional. Otherwise, my calls to customer service are generally answered within 10 seconds to one minute, and the one time out of many when my withdrawal request was not honored within business days, two e-mails and a phone call settled the problem without any trouble.

I too have had trouble with slippage issues with FXCM during volatile news release periods, but I am willing to accept this in exchange for their exceptional reserves and comparatively broad menu of services.

In sum, I have successfully ,worked for a number of employers over the past 30 years, including within the public and private sector, small businesses and Fortune companies alike, and I have found the relationship I have with FXCM to be superior than with the great majority of these other employers, in terms of reliability, adaptability, and opportunity. Worst customer supprt manager I have ever came across.

He is least bothered of your problems or what you are trying to say. He say do what ever you want its closed here from my side as I don't see any problem.

Please wait for a site operator to respond. All operators are currently assisting others. An operator will be with you shortly. You are number 1 in the queue. Your wait time will be approximately 0 minute s and 18 seconds. Thank you for your patience. Hello Neha how are today? I have written to the compliance departent about issue i have Neha: I apologize for the inconvenience Neha.

I want to know the reason Neha: Neha I see that one of our reps Neha: I see that there is manipulations Neha: I had just no errors till time I lost Neha: I emailed them why I didnt received any aknowledgement Neha: Neha I truly do apologize for your frustration Neha: We are regulated by the National Futures Association.

Now i am sure that I can never earn from u guys Neha: James Munkittrick who claims to me manager of Sales department have refused to even listen me and he have no interest in my problem and errors I am facing Neha I am sorry you feel that way.

Certainly our compliance department will review your case and make sure that if there was an issue on our end you get your account adjusted accordingly. Keep in mind due to our business model it is not in FXCM's interest to have our clients loose money on their accounts, but rather to be profitable Neha: I have not received any mail confirmation of my writing to them Neha: Can no one else then compliance committee can answer it Neha: This procedure usually takes about business days.

I have also read reviews in internet Neha: Actually the regulators due that for you Neha. If at any point FXCM was not providing accurate information or working against you, we would be penalized by them. They overlook and regulate licensed firms like ourselves.

Neha that is why our compliance department will get back to you. I will do everything Neha: Our compliance department will get back to you. Here is some food for thought. Right here on this forum. They come here to point their fingers because they can't except responsibilty for their own actions. Half the people talking about errors with the platform are probably using a mac with the beta software in which FXCM does not support and they clearly disclose that on their website.

The other half are either demo traders or micro traders scalping for a few pips. Your wasting your time!! I have never had a hanging order or problematic errors with the platform.

I don't email them for issues when I can call them almost everday of the week and speak to a real person. Better yet, I can chat with them very promptly given certain market hours and you can even request that particular person to call you immediately.

I trade millions of dollars in notational volume every month and still, no problems. I can tell most these people their problems.. If your scalping, your wasting your time and your going to lose. If your trading the news, prices gap and you can't get in on the pairs as it happens and it's a terrible idea anyway. If your trading with a micro account, you obviously shouldn't be trading forex anyway Is a few dollars really worth your time or even a brokers?

Forex is not a hobby and isn't for the weak minded. Their spreads are generally low given at least a standard account. All my orders are executed almost instantly. Customer service good, but can improve. Love their mobile platform. I request funds and the transaction is completed usually less than a day. I highly recommend new traders stay away from forex and try the equities market first. I give FXCM 4 stars because they can improve like everyone.

If anyone would of had a problem with FXCM, it would have been me, considering the amount of trading I've done with them. Ticket number How on earth could that be??????????? I opened my account statement and saw that the trade was recorded to be taken at 9: I was on a live trading room at the time Instead of 45 pips plus Because what could we think at that stage? Will FXCM just do it even worse and go to the extreme and take us out at minus 50 or more pips????????????

I left stops that were not triggerd causing me a pips loss. It has happened to me twice. I not going to trade anything knowing that stops are uselees. When markets are calm, platform is fne, but if volatility surges like the last week, there is massive slippage. I hit a bid on usd CAD at market and the trade was executed 8 pips over the price displayed on the platform.

But then I figured out what I was doing as far as forex goes, and to date am doing extremely well. All of my trades have closed and opened with out a hitch. I've never had a server problem, and all of my emails to them have been answered within a single business day. It is a high risk game, by the way! I agree with all the complaints other have had about them. And now im trapped, i dont have any money left to move to another trader. Stay away from FXCM or you will lose your money.

Firstly, Overall I have made a small profit. Initially i doubled my money and then lost it all. It was my fault and nothing to do with getting scammed. I risked too much and "played" FXCM a little like roulette.

When I did make a little money, and I am only talking about , I was able to withdraw it quickly and easily. I have been using the new mobile version which I have found very useful. It has many bugs and is only at the testing stage, but I have found it pretty reliable. When I did have a problem with not being able to use access my orders through my phone, I was able to call FXCM and they helped me out, even though I have a micro account and am not entitled to telephone or online assistance.

I would hope they were just acting as an agent between buyers and sellers and not a buyer or seller themselves. BUt I have no idea what they do. Basically, I do all my trading online and i can see if an order is fille d or not. I don't think FXCM could scam me very easily.

If they locked me out, it could just as easily help me as hurt me, so I don't think it would help them to lock me out. I think they are quite happy to let me and people like me trade freely-they make plenty from the commissions.

And, thats what you get with FXCM. Is this being Dishonest? Yes, I would have to say so. No, be aware that these situations.

This can Happen so be prepared. How can I prepare for a Platform Lockup? It is a horrible feeling, and comments in this forum can barter the emotional feelings, But we cant do anything. Brokers will always blame it on our computer or Internet connection. How can I prepare for delayed execution? Don't scalp at market opens, News, Or try to get in on Big movements. I personally stopped using FXCM about 3 months ago.

We have used FXCM for over two years. Were we ever a Victim? And, we documented it. We were locked out of our platform, Stoploss and TakeProfits were not honored, and delayed execution which froze 2 orders from being present within the trading platform. This has happened several times in London Session. We no longer use FXCM. So I went ahead and opened an account with FXCM and quickly realized that they scam you and you can not do anything about it.

I have had the exact same things happen to me as all the other posts mention, and have kept the tick chart open and watched the spread get widened to hit my stop and then on the other side watched it get widened so it would not hit my profit order, I quickly removed the profit order and the spread went back to normal, add the order back and the spread again widens by twice its normal. And just for the record I have been trading FX for 5 years and never have I posted on blogs but I had to this time.

I have not experienced ANY of the negative items listed on this page. I don't get the complaints made here This has never happened to me and I have made hundreds. Granted my account is lower than when I opened with 20K but that is my fault. This is via a trading company that works for FXCM. June has been the only good month. This means that March, April, May and July have sucked. They've made more money for the broker than for me. We had another short talk last week and this is the answer I received: If this were not the case, you'd still be seeing the balance remaining the same while the trade was open.

Also in the brokers eyes, once they reopen the position at the price the new accounts enters at, then if it continues in our direction we will gain those losses back So, was this from poor trading or did new clients get added to the pot? I was told that everyone with a managed account is traded from the same pot of money. If this reasoning makes sense to anyone, please clue me in.

I'm looking for another place with managed accounts, but pickins are slim. Is anyone out there happy with their managed account? Please and thank you for your feedback. Means all this "sign up" was meant only to gather my personal information for some dark purposes.

Now need to worry what dark purposes they had on their sleep when collecting all my personal info: And after again and again "Auto acc. You can see my complain somewhere. By the way, I was waiting 2!!! With you I have less profit any more lost. Are you a trader? Do you have your personal experience with trading? Or you just repeating what you learned on the training??? OK, i spending my time with unproductive chating and I have meeting in a minute, so I have to go.

Thank you for your time. All you people who say FXCM is a scam, "oh, they took all my money", they stop hunt, trade against you, you are all a joke. This is the biggest market in the world, it is the most unregulated market in the world, it is also the most leveraged and volatile market in the world.

This is the wild west of investing, and if you can't handle it, maybe you go hide under the covers of your bed where its nice and safe and warm. It's not for the quick-buck artist, or those who want to "get rich quick". Nothing I've seen in my few years of trading had led me to believe either of these companys are scams in any way. In fact, FXCM gives out free advice and training if you have a live account with them.

Forex is very similar to stocks in that you don't go looking for trading oppurtunities, you wait for them to come to you. The BP oil spill. As all the sheep were busy dumping their stock, I was scooping it up at a bargain price.

There is a reason that these companies trade against their customers, why shouldn't they, when the majority is always wrong? FXCM will be the first to tell you, too. They update it twice a day, and even advise you which direction to trade.

Is it their fault people go against their advice? I thought it was a free country. I'm with Oanda now, as their ability to trade any unit size gives unparalelled flexibilty. FXCM Service is very good. The call back in seconds, they answer to every Email within minutes! The software ist very good, spreads are low These reviews are scam, not FXCM!

One of them made quite a bit of money so FXCM disabled my account. They said I was manually trading and exploiting some MT4 bug.

As I never manually traded, I was puzzled by their action. There have been a few admin problems but they were sorted out fairly quickly. I get really annoyed at the accusations of stop hunting simply because a stop is hit. The only way to confirm this activity is by comparing price against other reliable brokers. In the years I have dealt with them I have seen no evidence of this sort of activity.

Their pricing is always identical or within a pip of other brokers. As for margin calls, probably for nubies who unfortunatley know nothing about money management and allow greed to dictate their actions.

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