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Nonfarm Payrolls measures the change in the number of people employed during the previous month, excluding the farming industry. Job creation is the foremost indicator of consumer spending, which.

The report indicated that Citibank took on Salinas as a client without making a thorough inquiry as to how he made his fortune, an omission that a Citibank official called a violation of the bank's "know your customer" policy. South China Morning Post.

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The women’s gymnastics team finals air on July 31 am Eastern time and you can watch live coverage of the game and the handing out of the Olympic medals on .

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Job creation is the foremost indicator of consumer spending, which accounts for the majority of economic activity. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nonfarm Payrolls Discussion Comment Guidelines. Enrich the conversation Stay focused and on track. Even negative opinions can be framed positively and diplomatically. Use standard writing style. Include punctuation and upper and lower cases.

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I have read Investing. Have you succesfully completed ant dal? RegardsDas M Please send your reply to arian gmail. Hi, I am trying to know whether this PPP actually performs or not?

I am having a instrument work million usd ,shyam sunder wasted our 1 month and rs 5 lakh. Has never happened, but is there for your security. International Clients are welcomed. Our attorney also assists us with legal compliance when receiving and sending international funds! This program is for the small guys with experience looking for different avenues, and alternative investment solutions.

We hope to do business you very soon, helping your increase your current net worth, create wealth, prosperity, and live the American Dream. We offer a 30 day program using non-leased SBLCs. A copy of the SBLC is also sent to the client as proof it was issued. The SBLC is monetized. And what about you Mr. You your brother Karan Chawla, your friend Hempreet Singh all are big frauds. And you all are big Jokers. You too did the same thing. So dear readers dont do faith on anyone.

Can u provide me your contact number, I want to speak to you regarding these loan matters. Chawla, can u plz send me any proof of the work u did previously…..???????? Where are you from Sunita. I have received my returns from Mr Ahmed and Mr Seshadri.. I could not provide some documents which I later produced and got my returns. Most of the client fail to provide a original MT and give away FD and simple cash statements which are fake or fabricated.

It is advisable to contact them personally. I have brought in some customers and they are taking some benifits of the same. Ahmed's credibility can be checked any time and also of Mr. If someone is wasting your time its better to approach them directly. When you will see the results directly you will be in a better condition to make a correct decision. Seshadri have a lot of credibility behind them and we have greatly benifitted from the organization from IT suppoort to Loan and Trading.

It failed because MTN 's are not happening for now as there are restrictions made because of problems in greece. I also aggree with Mr. Sarwar Reitiwala, I am a Sr. VP of an American company and we are into eco green funding.

Ahmed has funded my Indian Company and my UK company. VP I think it is very important to have all our papers in place to qualify with various things. With so much of money laundering and wrong funds flowing in we have to take necessary actions to avoid any glitch in financial transactions.

I strongly recommend Mr. Ahmed for any financial solutions. Hello, from early december to worry about the ppp program.

We received an invitation to sign a contract that was to be third january Invitation came on december A week later the term were canceled us because he had moved and it is happening today. It is possible that they are cheaters? Already received from our 10 euro as fees for travel, accommodation and so on. Throught them, because we deal with our commodity products. If only I could be wrong, but I feel that our deception.

Very good post, I was really searching for this topic as I wanted this topic to understand completely and it is also very rare in internet that is why it was very difficult to understand. Private Equity Deal Origination. If you are a real investor you should expect to receive a contract within short period of time after due diligence is made.

Payment of travelling fees etc. To get a contract after approval may take a few days and not longer. Ahmed and seshadri are cheaters… dont trust them.. Want to be associate or coder of a trader. I will provide credit lines from India. Have great contacts with a large no of HNIs and corporates.

Pls respond in strict confidence with a concrete proposal to. Add your comment below, or trackback from your own site. You can also subscribe to these comments via RSS. Mail will not be published required. You can use these tags: This is a Gravatar-enabled weblog. To get your own globally-recognized-avatar, please register at Gravatar. Financial experts recommended portfolio diversification for two reasons: Firstly, a diverse portfolio allows investors to minimize their losses should the prices of some of their assets go down.

Secondly, it makes for an effective long-term …. Despite the portrait the media may paint, all hedge funds are not the same. In fact, every hedge fund has its own secret sauce which defines its goals, strategy, and risk tolerance. Though this seems …. Recently, futures trading has grown immensely, and the great thing is, it can only get bigger.

Hey Ashwini, thanks for the detailed information. Secondly, I get it that I need to give a Leave Authorization Letter from my company, but does that mean that I can stay in Italy for only the number of days mentioned in the letter? And regarding your second question, the Visa will be provided for certain dates and you are bound to return by that date.

Also, I do not use a credit card, but plan to submit my salary slips and bank account statement. But, as mentioned in earlier comments — It is safer to have some amount in Forex though it is NOT mandatory. Hello, and thank you for the nice post! Can I ask you a similar request? I need to employee a friend from Calcutta, but very urgently.

I asked VFS today and they told me that to have everything signed it takes usually weeks, but I have some doubts about it… can be done really so quickly?

Please follow what VFS people tell. They are the ones who know better. Hi Ashwini, Your post seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. I have never applied for a VISA before and getting one seems like a lot of detailed process which can easily put one Off! However, I work in a reputed organization and can fund myself for a two-week trip to Italy Naples, Rome, Parma, Bologna — do I require multiple entry Visa?

My worry is I am taking my brother along on this trip and he is a free-lancer. Will my salary statement suffice.. I have Not done any bookings as yet but plan to visit the country in July with Kolkata as the base.

Please get me out of this misery! Please do temporary flight bookings any travel agent should be able to do this for you and book accommodation which have free cancellation and as for your brother, tell in the cover letter that you are sponsoring him and maintain enough bank balance. Read through previous comments to get a fair idea of how much bank balance you need to show. In any case of doubt — leave the space empty and ask the VFS officer and he should be able to guide you.

Will that be a problem as I understand that the visa officer will verify whether I have the required funds in my account on the date of application of visa. My prepaid flight tickets have already been booked. Hi Manisha, Kindly submit the updated Bank account statement while you visit the VFS office on your day of appointment. Make sure that the amount has been credited to your account, take a fresh print out and then submit the new bank statement.

Thanks for you prompt response. As a result got a bit apprensive. Thankyou for this incredibly detailed post! I have a question though that I hope you can solve! I will be volunteering in Croatia this summer but want to travel to italy, slovenia and hungary as and when I am able to during my 6 weeks there! If I apply for a Schengen Visa, will it be valid since my first port of entry is Croatia In EU, but Not a Schengen country but allows schengen visa holders to stay for 90 days.

Also, will I be able to apply for it in the first place as my entry and return flights are from Croatia? Oh Dear, yours is a complicated case. The second option is to apply schengen from Italy — show days accomodation in Croatia on arrival and departure and the rest 4 weeks in Italy.

Craft an itinerary like that and then once you get the Visa, you can cancel all your bookings and make the ones you wish. Please talk to a VFS officer once as they will have more experience in handling these kinda cases. I have a similar problem as urs! Have booked my flight tickets for 16th July Later I scheduled an appt for closest available date of 27th June It is neck n neck.

My doubt though silly is that will it be 15 working days after the submission of the application forms at the visa centre from the date of appointment?

In that case should I reconsider and cancel my flights? Hello Jhara, my suggestion would be that you talk to VFS guys and ask them for a appointment at an earlier date. They might suggest you to come a day or two after and ask you to take the VFS Premium Lounge facilities.

I applied for my visa with my husband and we submitted all the necessary documents. Everywhere we mentioned that my husband partner in the business is sponsoring. I am self employed and I showed my work details and mentioned everything clearly stating that my husband will bear the expenses.

Should I have submitted my financials as well? The person at the VFS Italy counter, while submissions said not required but wanted to still confirm. My wife , me ,my elder brother , his wife and a kid were deciding to apply for schenegan visa but then he is not confident enough now based on the following circumstances. He also suggested me to get a sponsor through my father in law who is an ex CSIF and would travel with me and my wife.

I am a freelancer earning handsome amout of salary every week. Please let me know if this looks messy to Apply a schenegan visa or there are any further checklists. Transfering money before applying the VISA is not a problem, as we too had done the same.

Yes, its a good option too. You also can show yourself as a sponsor if you have a good bank balance and have FORM 16 and are paying your taxes. I am accompanying my parents for the trip and all 3 of us have shown Rs. Also our tickets and hotel booking are done n paid.

We would be staying in Italy 10 n Paris 5 for internal travel in Italy we would be managing it directly there however we have our tickets in place for travel from Paris to Rome.

Also have all bank and tax returns in place for me n my father while my mother is home maker. My CC has avail credit limit of 1. Hope that is sufficient or I still need to show any forex. Hi, I am traveling with my family of 8 people for the first time to europe. For all of my other family members it will be their first international trip. I submmited all the necessary documents to vfs.

Now my father who is retired pensioner has been asked to attend the interview in person. However my mother who is being sponsored by my father has not been asked to attend interview. I looked at the pending documents and it just mentions to attend interview and does not ask anything else. Can you please suggest what would be the interview around. And what are the things that we need to prepare for the interview.

My father and brother too had been called for an interview and we too did not have any pending documents. While all of us had already got the Visa approved only theirs was pending. Things to know in a Visa interview would be obvious i. Travel dates and countries to be visited. Rest, I think is good to answer what we know of. When he told them of her demise and also mentioned that we are a family of 12 applying for visa and the rest 10 people have got their visa approved, they were content with his answer and told that my brother, who was to go next for the interview, need not attend the interview as they have already got the answer to their questions.

For Germany, I have an invitation letter from my relative. Do I have mention the address details of Germany in visa application form? Thanks a lot for your guidance. Very insightful blog, clearly explained the entire process. I have applied for schengen visa to the embassy of Italy as my port of entry is Bologna and maximum stay too is in Italy 9 out of 16 days in Italy and rest in Germany.

I have submitted application on 2nd August and got my visa on 11th August travel date is 16th Sep. One can easily do the entire process by self with the help of such blogs.

A big thanks to Ashwini Neetan. Now I am required to travel to Paris for an exhibition from 8th Sep to 12th Sep. Will it be alright to apply for 7 days tourist visa for visiting Paris. Can we obtain 2 schengen visas in such short durations?

I think you can. But clearly mention in your cover letter that when you applied for the earlier Schengen for travel from 12th Sept, you had no idea that you are supposed to be there at the exhibition and hence applying for short term tourist visa again for the duration of 7 days. I think you need to apply from France and France has a history of approving visas in one day.

So this is our first time applying for a Shengen visa. We submitted all our documents and got our bitometrics done at VFS Bangalore. We are a family of 8 travelling. But, our family was informed that we have to go to Delhi for the interview. Please let me know what we should carry with us for this interview. My father too was called for an interview while we all had got our Visas approved for the same trip, same itinerary and same dates.

We made him familiar with the itinerary, the countries we are going to and why we chose to apply to that embassy. He was asked those questions, additionally, he mentioned that his fellow travelers i. They were convinced and he got his Visa too. So be clear with the itinerary is what I would suggest.

Hi Ashwini, My husband and I are planning a 2 week trip to Italy in October alongwith our 7 yr old twins. Your site is has a wealth of information for us especially since we too plan to hire a car. I have done my bookings through Airbnb and currently working on getting the visa documents together.

I am confused about the travel insurance. The VFS site mentions euros 30, per person so that comes to 1,20, euros cover for us right? Or am I getting it wrong? Calculate it per person and get a separate insurance document for each person with the required sum assured. You need insurance for each person individually. So, for each person, the sum assured should be around 30, Euro. Thanks so much Ashwini. My husband is an I.

Now I have no idea what to do, since the documents list says that in case of self employed these two things are required. I have already written to them to seek clarification but no reply as yet. Do you have any idea? Hi Ashwini, Yes he is a freelance consultant.

Thanks for your reply. Hi Ashwini, I have my visa appointment day after today. As per the checklist we need to provide proof of internal travel within the Schengen territory. Now I am travelling only in Italy and plan to hire a car as you did. But I shall be doing that if the visa comes through. Did you prebook your car before applying for the visa and did you have to provide the car rental details? Or does it apply only to travel within different schengen countries?

Im extremely sorry for the late reply Trupti. I guess you would have finished your Visa appointment for now. Anyways let me address your query so that other travellers can benefit from this question. This is a very good question I must say. Unlike flight tickets, some car rentals have free cancelation and no prepayment like sixt. We must make use of those to show our car rental bookings and cancel that once visa comes through and book the cost effective ones which works out well for us. Hi Trupti, I was concerned about the same thing, but the 50, dollar or , dollar on all bank websites are per person.

Hi, I have a query. I applied for my Student Visa on 10th July. For accommodation, i booked a hotel in bologna which offers free cancellation but requires a little pre-payment. When asked by the hotel, i told them that i cannot pay right now since i am travelling. I was worried if they would cancel my booking as the visa is still in the process.

Does the visa officers check with the hotel? If the booking gets cancelled and visa officers found it, what will happen? To be on a safer side, its always good to hold the bookings until the visa is approved. I am traveling with my wife to Europe where my entry country is Italy.

My current bank balance is 2. I have provided three sale deeds in my name. Also my credit card limit is 3. I can show an increase in my bank balance by another 1. So will this cause any problem in me getting the visa?

That would not be a problem. Just make sure that you take a print out of Bank statement after the money has been deposited. Hi, I have a doubt regarding the accommodation details to be mentioned in the visa form. I will be making bookings in multiple hotels via booking. Since the space on the form is very limited, how should I go about mentioning them in the visa form?

My point of entry is Netherlands. Should I mention the first hotel booking from Netherlands or the first one in Italy? Or is there some standard way of doing this? Since there are multiple, which address and phone number should I provide? Here, though the port of entry matters — you should really be concentrating on the fact that — where are you going to stay for maximum number of days?

After determining that, provide print outs of all hotel stays and mention just one hotel in the address of sponsor column. Leave the place empty and ask the teller at VFS office about the same and they should be able to guide you well! Hi, I have submitted the documents at vfs-Italy in Mumbai. But I later found out that three of the original documents are missing. What should I do? I am trying for a tourist visa and one of the sponsorship document is missing. Please reply as soon as possible.

Sorry for the late reply Jasil. I have been travelling and got sometime with my blog now. I think, if any documents are missing, then they will get back to you asking for the same — so, do not worry. So, my question is,. Weather, can I approach VFS with the appointment letter of September 01 and request for earlier dates from August 20 to 25through the option called premium Longe for my Visa interview?

I have a bank balance certificate and statement for last five months with the total amount of 7,48, rs and I took this certificate on August I just want to know how many days does this bank balance certificate is valied before my visa interview? Am I supposed to not do any transaction even small online shopping with the particular amount for which I took bank balance certificate till I receive my Visa?

Is that enough for getting a schengen Student Visa? Should I have a confirmed flight ticket before I request VFS for a rescheduled date through premium longue or can I show a blocked flight ticket to them? Sorry for the late answer Yeshwanth. I was travelling and did not have access to my blog. I know your Visa appointment date has crossed and you also have an approved visa now. But, I shall answer the question for the benefit of others, who might have the same question as yours.

You can definitely do so. They will accommodate if they have slots. We too did the same for our Italy trip. Recent balance statement is what they have mentioned. So for an appointment for Sept 1, statement taken on at least later than Aug 20 will be good I guess. Blocked flight ticket with clearly mentioning the date of travel will suffice. Hi, Awesome article, very informative!!

I am in a bit of a state of panic as of now. I applied for a tourist schengen visa to Italy on July and my travel date is 2-September. No updates from VFS except that my passport has been sent to the consulate.

I have emailed the consulate requesting them to expedite the process, however no response from them either. Do you suggest I personally go to the consulate? Or is there another way of speeding things up? Or should I sit tight and hope I get the visa just in time for my travel? Hey Ann, You applied on July 24 and today is Aug 19 — so almost 22 working days. I suggest that you call the Consulate around This method has helped me prepone interview date for my father which was scheduled on the day before our travel.

Hope all goes well. Hi Ann Did you receive your visa? Even I have the same issue, I applied for my visa on 21st of July and status is under process. I need to get visa to go to Italy as soon as possible. Will my application be accepted if I schedule an appointment for Kolkata Centre?

Please note that visa applications cannot be processed from applicants including Indian nationals not permanently residing in India. Thank you for this wonderful blog. Really helped me alot. Total duration would be 16 days. Will be traveling solo. Question 1 — are hostel accommodations considered by Visa Consulate? Question 2- Also I would be doing various intercity travels either by bus or by train. So do I need to show those tickets as well while applying for visa?

Because most of the tickets are non refundable. If visa gets rejected I would lose lot of money. Question 3 — I do not use a credit card. I have a salary account where I can show a balance of approx 1.

Will it be sufficient for a 17 days trip. Yes, just provide them the copy of booking clearly showing the booking dates. Please check that with VFS before taking a call on that. As a rule of thumb and good practice, please mention how you plan to travel to each city in the brief itinerary you put in the cover letter.

Check this link for more details. Forex should be good enough. Please clarify it with VFS on their customer care. Such a nice and helpful article i am happy to reach you and after ready your article i share this on my social media accounts. I have a specific query on the Schengen Visa process. I am currently on deputation to Ukraine for 1 year on Temporary Residence Permit and I do not have a source of Income and bank statements in Ukraine.

I wanted to apply for Schengen Visa in India where I have all the documents. One more query is that can I show Ukraine as my destination country and have confirmed tickets to Ukraine instead of India.

Please call VFS helpline. They are the best guys to answer your queries. Thank you for the reply. I am going through with the application. I would like to know that whether I need individual Covering Letters or one letter mentioning all the family members name will do. You can mention your family members name on the cover letter and they might have to sign it in the end.

So one cover letter would do for the family. No need to mention the country name I think. I have a few quick questions: I noticed that the Application form that you have attached here is in Italian I mean the field questions. On the website while filling the form we get an option of filling it in English, we can opt for that right? Also just to confirm, we do not need to get any of our documents including the application form translated to Italian, right?

Can we avail the option of blocking the air tickets instead of actually booking the tickets. This is to be safe in worst case scenario — if the visa gets rejected. What do you think? Yes, there is no need to translate anything to Italian. I think I had mentioned about that in the post too. And about blocking the tickets, I think that will work too. But call VFS helpline and confirm it once.

We me nd my husband are planning a trip to eastern europe this dec I heard it is compulsory to submit a cover letter for applying schengen visa. A Cover Letter is mandatory for Schengen Visa application. Read more about how to write a cover letter here: She will not be working when we will be traveling to Italy. So, the leave certificate cannot be provided by the company. What is the alternate option? Will a resignation acceptance letter stating her last working day work?

In that case, show that your wife is dependent on you and show your bank account details only. Also, have enough money in your account to support both of you. Another option is to mention the same reason clearly in the Covering Letter and attach the resignation acceptance letter as you have mentioned and hope that they will understand your case. Again, this is my opinion. I suggest that you call VFS Helpline and put in your case there, they are the best people to answer your question.

Kindly provide me information about the ways to submit the pending documents and also the ways to confirm the submission of the pending documents.

If the consulate feels that the documentation is insufficient or some are pending, then they would intimate you via a call or through your application status in VFS website. Then you can visit the VFS office where you applied for visa and submit it there.

If you have any queries, please call the VFS customer care. Hello, I am travelling to Europe for 12 days. My Max days of stay will be Italy. SO I m applying my visa to Italy consulate. My issue is 1 I m getting married on feb and travelling in March.

My fiance has just quit her job and she stays in assam and she took appointment for Kolkata vfs. I am separately applying in vfs bangalore centre as I m working in banglore. Secondly we have booked tickets together so mostly in flight tickets both of us name is there but in hotel booking only single name is there either hers or mine.

Will that be a issue. Or shd we apply for visa together?? Not sure of this as my husband and I have always applied together. Can you call VFS and get this clarified please. I have a lot of family members not direct family in Italy Rome ,Milan , Savona. If someone sponsor me to come to Italy will it be easy to get visa? Show your tax payments, good bank balance and you are good to go. And invitation letter method also would work. Your Visa Application Ref no. What does it mean?

Have the visa been processed? Yes, it means that your VISA application has been processed. You need to check it when your passport arrives home. Me and my fiance have applied for the schengen visa. We will be going in end of feb for our honeymoon and this will be our first international visit. Ive shown that ill be sponsoring my fiance. Ive shown statements for two of my accounts with amount of 1.

We have done all the bookings for hotels and flights and submitted those papers as well. I am planning to travel to Italy this summer. However I have been told by my friends to apply for a Paris Visa instead. I want my first port of entry to be Milan IT.

I intend to be in Italy for 11 days and spend 2 days in Paris. I will be applying from Bangalore and I have heard a lot of stories aabout how difficult it is to get a ITALY Tourist visa- takes soo much time, they refuse without reason. I am kind of clueless. I will be travelling to London and then traveling to Milan. How do I go about it. I intend to apply for my UK visa in march 1st week. UK tourist visa ususlly takes 3 weeks at the max and I intend to apply for Italy visa by april 4th. I want to fly to italy in june.

Now another alternative is applying through Thomas cook. Italian embassy has that reputation. But its totally- upto you to decide it. I recently had a reader whose visa was rejected even though she applied through a travel agent. Write a solid and convincing Cover Letter and submit all the required documents. Check this post to know how to craft a good cover letter: Also, I do not think it is required for you to travel to UK and then to Italy.

And by the time we booked, we got an option of Qatar for the same price, so we went with it. Hey Pallavi, so what did you finally do? I am in a similar boat.. I am travelling only to Italy , but my friends are recommending to apply for a France visa, to avoid any heartburn. Thanks a ton for the detailed description but my experience with Italy is very very painful.

I was to go on a business trip to Italy and my wife was to join me after a few weeks. My visa reached me two days before the travel and my wife who had applied along with me never got her visa back. We had to cancel all the tickets and incur a huge loss. Point is — if you want to visit Schengen countries and if unfortunately, Italy is part of the program — just tweak the program and apply in some other country.

There is no mechanism to get a redressal. There is no refusal and the date to travel is past. Shame is all I can think of. I echo your sentiments Cheema. These decisions are taken by folks in embassy and we cannot do anything but to be a silent spectator. My husband and I want to travel to Italy during this break.

What are my options to demonstrate to the visa officials that I intend to return to my home country? As of now you are unemployed.

So say that your husband is supporting expenses of both — You and him. Show them his bank details and make sure it has sufficient amount to support both of you.

This way, you need not disclose your current work status nor show leave letter and bank details. Hi kindly let me know whether booking done on booking.

I having done booking with free cancellations and no prepayments do they accept or do we need to show them fully paid accommodation as I am planning to do payment after I get visa. They accept such bookings. Infact, all our bookings were of free cancellations and no prepayments! Hi Ashwini, I will be applying for Schengen Visa for the first time for visit to Italy and other neighbouring schengen countries along with my family and I would be applying at the VFS kolkata office being a resident of Tripura state.

I have some doubts in my mind about a few things which are as follows: To whom the covering letter should be addressed. My son will also accompany me in this trip and so I will need a NOC from the Principal of the school where my son studies.

In this case to whom should the Principal address while issuing the NOC. Should I buy actual return air tickets now or present only flight itenerary as proof of to and fro journey for visa application. It would be cheaper to buy actual flight tickets in advance, rather than to wait for the Visa to be issued but then it has its own risk if my Visa application is rejected.

I hope you will clear my doubts as pointed above.

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