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Improve cash flow, cover expenses and plan for business growth with HSBC’s flexible financing and borrowing options. Business Instalment Loan Hassle-free instalment loans of up to HKD1,,

Interest rates on deposits. How does it work? Log on to Trade Log on to Trade This link will open in a new window. About Receivables Finance Trade on open account terms with confidence and turn receivables into cash faster by collecting a percentage of invoices upon issuance.

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Trade online as low as $ 1 and a flat fee of $ 2 on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Exclusive banking and brokerage preferred pricing Enjoy our exclusive banking and brokerage preferred pricing with your combined assets at HSBC.

An exciting currency investment product provides leverage to qualifying customers that seek to include directional currency investments in their asset portfolio. From mid-July , we will be sending notification to you on execution of trades you conduct online or via our mobile apps. Please ensure that you have provided us with a valid mobile phone number to receive such notification via SMS, or you will not be able to trade online or via our mobile apps after mid-July.

Apply for one now. Open a trading account. The risk of loss in leveraged foreign exchange trading can be substantial. You may sustain losses in excess of your initial margin funds.

Placing contingent orders, such as "stop-loss" or "stop-limit" orders, will not necessarily limit losses to the intended amounts. Market conditions may make it impossible to execute such orders. You may be called upon at short notice to deposit additional margin funds. If the required funds are not provided within the prescribed time, your position may be liquidated. You will remain liable for any resulting deficit in your account. You should therefore carefully consider whether such trading is suitable in light of your own financial position and investment objectives.

You should note that the value of RMB against other foreign currencies fluctuates and will be affected by, amongst other things, the PRC government's control for example, the PRC government regulates conversion between RMB and foreign currencies , which may adversely affect your return under this product.

The value of your investment will be subject to the risk of exchange rate fluctuation. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. FinMax binary trading provides an innovative, intuitive and just a very convenient trading platform, where literally everything is in sight. Day Dream Investments company operates the broker. The company is headquartered in Riga. UTrader considers one of its main advantages is the presence of online support for an immediate solution to all problems.

Customer orientation and professionalism lie at the core of Binomo business. Broker Binex is a trading platform, that was founded in in Russia with it's headquarter located in Moscow. This brokerage company is currently the sole provider of such one-of-a-kind binary trading instruments as Digital, Range and Touch. FBS broker has branches in other countries such as: Malaysia, Egypt, Indonesia, China, and Thailand in order to get closer to their clients and make sure they get the best customer support available in the market.

Since the beginning, FXTM has proven itself as a trustworthy Forex broker among the market giants and became a world trademark. EasyMarkets has offices in Cyprus and Australia to cover most of its client. Many traders have already named Verum Option as the company that has completely changed their view of trading in the financial markets. It is one of the largest brokers as it has grown immensely since it was established in InstaForex is one of the well-known Forex brokers in the financial market for a long time, showing a good quality of services, which led to more than 7 million accounts opened on its platforms.

CFDs login includes several types of trading tools such as currency pairs, commodities, stocks and indices along with major Crypto currencies. Option Stars Broker is a new trading broker that is ingenious and influential and offers a state of the art trading platform and investment management for its traders. HotForex is a regulated broker that has been in the Forex trading industry for more than 6 years now and has won a lot of awards that prove his genuine work.

GCC Investing is a new Forex and CFD broker that was founded in was the sole purpose of providing financial services to clients from all over the world. HYCM is one of the oldest brokers in the financial market, it has been around for almost 40 years now. The company was established in and it is located at Queen Street, 4th Floor, Auckland , New Zealand and it is operated by Sumo Forex Limited company number OANDA is one of the most respected Forex brokers in the industry with state of the art platforms, equipped with the most recent technologies in order for traders to be ahead of the market.

SkyLine Markets trading offers clients access to the markets from all over the world, and the ability to trade the full array of assets from currency pairs to indices, commodities and stocks. Certain exchanges in some jurisdictions permit deferred payment of the option premium, exposing the purchaser to liability for margin payments not exceeding the amount of the premium.

The purchaser is still subject to the risk of losing the premium and transaction costs. When the option is exercised or expires, the purchaser is responsible for any unpaid premium outstanding at that time. You should ask the firm with which you deal about the terms and conditions of the specific futures or options which you are trading and associated obligations e. Under certain circumstances the specifications of outstanding contracts including the exercise price of an option may be modified by the exchange or clearing house to reflect changes in the underlying interest.

If you have sold options, this may increase the risk of loss. Further, normal pricing relationships between the underlying interest and the futures, and the underlying interest and the option may not exist.

This can occur when, for example, the futures contract underlying the option is subject to price limits while the option is not. The absence of an underlying reference price may make it difficult to judge "fair value". You should familiarise yourself with the protections given to money or other property you deposit for domestic and foreign transactions, particularly in the event of a firm insolvency or bankruptcy.

The extent to which you may recover your money or property may be governed by specific legislation or local rules. In some jurisdictions, property which had been specifically identifiable as your own will be pro-rated in the same manner as cash for purposes of distribution in the event of a shortfall.

Before you begin to trade, you should obtain a clear explanation of all commission, fees and other charges for which you will be liable. These charges will affect your net profit if any or increase your loss.

Transactions on markets in other jurisdictions, including markets formally linked to a domestic market, may expose you to additional risk. Such markets may be subject to regulation which may offer different or diminished investor protection. Before you trade you should enquire about any rules relevant to your particular transactions.

Your local regulatory authority will be unable to compel the enforcement of the rules of regulatory authorities or markets in other jurisdictions where your transactions have been effected. You should ask the firm with which you deal for details about the types of redress available in both your home jurisdiction and other relevant jurisdictions before you start to trade.

The profit or loss in transactions in foreign currency-denominated contracts whether they are traded in your own or another jurisdiction will be affected by fluctuations in currency rates where there is a need to convert from the currency denomination of the contract to another currency.

Electronic trading facilities are supported by computer-based component systems for the order-routing, execution, matching, registration or clearing of trades. As with all facilities and systems, they are vulnerable to temporary disruption or failure. Such limits may vary: Trading on an electronic trading system may differ from trading on other electronic trading systems.

If you undertake transactions on an electronic trading system, you will be exposed to risks associated with the system including the failure of hardware and software. The result of any system failure may be that your order is either not executed according to your instructions or is not executed at all.

In some jurisdictions, and only then in restricted circumstances, firms are permitted to effect off-exchange transactions. The firm with which you deal may be acting as your counterparty to the transaction. It may be difficult or impossible to liquidate an existing position, to assess the value, to determine a fair price or to assess the exposure to risk. For these reasons, these transactions may involve increased risks. Off-exchange transactions may be less regulated or subject to a separate regulatory regime.

Before you undertake such transactions, you should familiarise yourself with applicable rules and attendant risks. Subject to both the actual and perceived measures of the credit worthiness of its issuer and, there is no assurance of protection against a default by its issuer in respect of its payment obligations.

You are warned that the prices of warrants and CBBCs may fall in value as rapidly as it may rise and holders may sustain a total loss of their investment. You should also ensure that you fully understand the potential risks and rewards and independently determine that they are appropriate for you given your objectives, experience, financial and operational resources and other relevant circumstances. Open Menu Close Menu Menu. Credit Cards Up to 2. Register Register Press enter to register for internet banking.

Top of main content. Stocks Earn potential returns from market growth and dividends. Buy shares in companies listed on local and international stock markets, including Hong Kong, China and the U. Cross-market comparison and more than 6, individual stock analysis reports of Hong Kong, U.

Find out more Make smarter investments with price alerts, complimentary insights and market analysis. Explore Stocks and ETFs. Stock Trading Trade on the U. IPO An initial public offering IPO is a company's first sale of stocks, bonds or certificates of deposit to raise funds for the issuer. Manage your own portfolio selected. Provide the opportunity to invest in a broad range of stocks, allowing you to spread your risk over a variety of products and markets Invest in stocks in a number of different markets in a more cost-effective way Mutual funds are managed by experienced professionals, so you can invest your money without the problems that affect many individual investors, such as limited investment experience, lack of time and access to the latest market information.

Statement request 8 am - 6 pm 8 am - 1 pm. How much does Hong Kong Stocks Charge? Select to expand Select to collapse. No intraday netting permitted for Italian derivatives 2. The fee is due and payable on or before the 20th of the following month on a day determined by the Bank from time to time. If that day falls on the 1st of the month and is not a business day, the fee may be collected on the business day which immediately precedes that day, subject to the decision of the Bank.

The fee is payable upon closure of accounts where the account is closed before the above payment dates. If that day falls on the 1st day of the month and is not a business day, the fee may be collected on the business day which immediately precedes that day, subject to the decision of the Bank.

The fee is payable upon close of accounts where the account is closed before the above payment dates. All unused quotes will be carried forward up to a maximum of 99, quotes with no expiry date. This fee will be calculated on a pro-rata basis based on the number of days since and including the day of subscription versus the number of calendar days in that month.

Subsequent monthly fees will be charged in advance on or before the fifth working day of each month. A waiver of monthly fee will be awarded for every HKD1 million local securities turnover accumulated since Market Live subscription. Transactions to be included in the calculation of total turnover must be conducted through The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited in Hong Kong and may be effected via any channel. Customers can enjoy monthly fee waivers for a maximum of six consecutive months only.

The other HKD1 million will neither qualify for a fee waiver nor carried forward to the next month. What is Stock Alerts Service?

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