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Will they want to do something? But the bottom line is that almost all banks allow wire transfers.

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* Note: The rates are indicative only. Please visit the nearest branch for updated information.

Please read the article above for details of what you really need. Thanx for your quick reply. He can transfer money online by internet banking while by swift code he has to go to the bank and send money manually not online. This is the whole story.

Tell your client that the only way to make international wire transfers is via the SWIFT system or via western union. IBAN has nothing to do with it. IBAN is just a standard for bank account numbers used mostly in Europe. They are in the best position to help you. I am sure they will route the money to your branch based on your account number.

Alternatively you can lookup the branch specific swift code using the tool in the right sidebar of this site:. Can anyone plz tell me that in which bank I should open account in dollers so that I can send my money through Bank wire transfer? I asked them about their routing no. Are there some banks which have same routing no. There is no need for routing number in Pakistan.

If you bothered to read the blog post above you would have seen exactly what info you need to receive a wire. I did read your blog post and followed the steps you mentioned to transfer money. It was the first time I ever made a wire transfer, so I was a little confused. My company that I work for has just given me some info and have asked me to inform my bank to request this wire transfer from their bank and they will accept it.

Aslam o Alaikum Sir I have invested some money in dollars on an investment site now they sent me a mail in which admin of site says that if you want to withdraw amount than sent a bank wire request. But now 14 days have to go but this amount is not received to me. Please sir guide me how I can receive this amount or check status of this amount Please I need your help, thanks. First you should visit your bank branch and ask them for help.

One way of learning where the money went is to ask the sender to get a wire transfer trace document and send you a copy of it. This is a document that shows the route the money took. But once you have the document you can show it to Habib bank in Pakistan and they will help you get your money.

At my bank it is. How we can handle this situation or have him retturn wire back to USA. You can receive money from companies into a rupee account in Pakistan.

Is your account in Pakistan a rupee account? I have bank alfalah account in Islamabad but its in PKR. Hey guys whats the process of receiving a huge amoung around k Dollars to Pakistan? What details I should give to my cousin who is sending me amount? Can this be done through Wire transfer such huge amount. The process is the same as I have written about above. SWIFT is actually used by importers and exporters to transfer payments to one another so k is not really such a large amount.

Thanks dude One more thing Im borrowing this amount from my cousin so will the bank ask me from where you got this amount and etc. Well they already know who the sender is.

But they might ask you for more information. They are in the best position to guide you. If you receive this money in a PKR account you will likely loose a few hundred thousand rupees because of the currency conversion and you will have to bear WHT on cash withdrawals. I dont have a USD account man and it takes time to create one too ….. I wont withdraw the money I have to TT it to my institution in Australia! But if you take a look at the difference in the interbank and open market rates you will see that it will cost you a few hundred thousand just for the currency conversion:.

I received the money but it took 2 weeks around 9 working days. Is there anything I can do to speed things up for next time? All the wire transfers I have received were cleared within the same day they were sent. So there is no problem with the Pakistani banking system. You should use another money transfer company next time. You can also consider using western union. I requested a trace document.

They sent the money and I received it the next working day. It seems the issue was the exchange company sending the money out late. The wire was made on monday but its 6 days now i havent received any updates from my bank.. I have the transmit number aswell. I called my bank and they told me that they dont know about any wire.. I received a trace document. After 2 weeks the funds were credited to my HSBC account.

Who can I contact to speed things up? Did you show Habib bank senior personnel the trace document? Maybe they could have told you the source of the delay by looking at the document.

Funds were transferred to my account at HSBC. The Forex company I used sent the money via Habibb bank. I do not have an account with Habibb bank. The hold up it seems from the trace document is Habibb bank.

Will they want to do something? I guess not as this is Pakistan? In future you can avoid Habib Bank altogether. Ask HSBC what other correspondent banks it has.

Usually banks in Pakistan have more than one correspondent bank. So the next time you send a wire ask the forex company to send it via the alternative correspondent bank. Azimo say they have sent the money on the 26 March and it went trough ok, any ideas? If you are sending money to Pakistan then there are several ways. All three give the best rates. Money is transferred into your account in Pakistan via MCB bank.

What does it say in the swift message? Is the final recipient bank UBL? If yes then only UBL can help you. Maybe you should go to their head office? Then you can contact the banking ombudsman at the SBP. You will need to give him your UBL complaint details. Can you tell me how much time does it takes to receive the payment in my account. The remitter is my brother the destination is Dubai and date of wire is 28th May You early reply in this regards must be appreciate.

Would you be so kind as to share with us what happened? As you can see from some of the comments above this sort of thing happens a lot. People are sent money but their bank in Pakistan denies any knowledge of it. So it would be nice to know how you managed to get your money? Wire transfer can mean different things. So you have to be more specific. Thanks for this blog,i withdraw my payment from Elance to my HMB account through wire transfer and this i did on 17th of June and i received an email of processing confirmation with transaction id on 18th of June.

This was my third payment through wire,first two i got in ten days time but this time its too much and i also withdraw two more payments after this on 2nd July and 4th July but i am sure i will get following payments on time but im worried about this one. I have contacted elance several times with all the information and transaction id,they only says that their bank will send a tracer to your bank through email to trace your anount and once your bank will respond we will step forward.

My HMB bank is also not saying anything on this and they only says that payment came through Habib Bank and we cannot contact them. HMB also told me that this might be happened bcz of closing days of bank and Shab barat and other holidays but 18 days gone still no payment.

Can you please tell me the procedure of how should i contact my bank and ask them to tell me where to know where my payment is or what Elance can do in this matter. Thank you very much. Yes i read your post. I was expecting it today on Monday but i contacted HMB and its still not there and today its 20th day.

And another payments which i sent on 2nd and 5th of July ,so if previous one will get late so can i get these following payments on time or these payments will also take the same time? Ask your payment bank for a trace document. My experience is that Habbib bank are slow at passing money on. I have to wait almost 2 weeks until Habbib bank sent the funds to my account.

Also FYI wire transfers are usually credited on the same working day. That has been my experience. So 20 days is insane! Depends on the currency of your MCB account. You will have to go there and do it in person. If it is a rupee account then you will have to withdraw the amount and send a wire or western union via a third party like a foreign exchange company. If you have a relative in Pakistan that you trust you could write them a cheque and they could withdraw the amount and send it to you.

Money will clear same day or within a few days. Also you will get best rates. If your answering to Asif please note that he wants to transfer money from Pakistan to the US not the other way around.

I have account here with MCB Karachi and also have a visa debit card. Is it possible that I add this debit card in payza account and they transfer my money in this Visa debit card of MCB.

They are two separate, but required, things. You said that my rupee account will suffix. IBAN is your account number. You will need to get it from MCB. SWIFT depends on the branch. Often head office swift code is sufficient.

ABA is used in the US only. It does not apply to Pakistani banks. So how exactly does that work? You are accessing your account online? Yes everyone takes a cut. The sending bank, correspondent bank and the receiving bank as well sometimes. If you intend to receive wires regularly then you can open a USD account but you should first make sure that the bank will allow you to receive wires from companies in a personal USD account.

BTW you need to be more specific. Electronic transfer can mean any number of things. Guys i need urgent help. I have a business in Kenya and its registered there, but now a days i am in Pakistan and need money here. I have bank account in Bank AL Habib here with my personal name. So how can i get money here via my bank asap?

EFF can mean anything i. It is left to us computer geeks to share what little we know from our own experience.

Contact their support team then. It is a problem on their end. Dear, i want to send euro application processing fee in poland bank for study purpose. University provided me bank account and swift code,guide me. Go to any bank in your locality and ask them about it.

If that fails ask foreign exchange companies. If even that fails then your only option is to open up a foreign currency account of your own in a bank and send using that.

But the HBL bank Staff can not provide me it and because they say it is not necessary. IBAN is your account number in a standard format that is used in many countries around the world. But your account number in the format your bank uses can also be used instead. Which is as below. Salam to all, I am holding ubl F. C account in pakistan, I want to know how can i deposit pakistani rupees in my F. Yes, if you like to generate a T.

T to any other country outward then you can use PKR amount from your account and bank will convert to intra bank currency rate and post you T.

T to other country. But now I can received and transfer remittance in blink of an eye. Since every Bank in Pakistan is so pathetic and rubbish that no one will give you exact info, they feel its waste of their time.

Faysal, your answer will be highly appreciated. Many thanks and Regards, -Syed. Recently I have been changed my payment gateway. They sent my payment through swift wire since on 27 March, but the Bank says they did not receive credit in their Nastro Account.

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To calculate the same, please click here to download the APR calculator. Rs 25 per Txn; Rs. For out-station cheques, corr bank charges shall be extra Financial Reason: For all other Accounts it is Free. Default cheque book is at-par cheque book.

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Forex exchange rates can fluctuate dramatically even on the same day.

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