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Further details regarding the methodologies and supporting research papers prepared by the Bureau are included in the document Temperature data methodologies at the Bureau of Meteorology. This fact greatly increased our confidence in reporting on the exceptional nature of the January event. When you will trade, you should take advantage of signal services. In the case of Gold, the graph provided will have a line to indicate the movement of gold prices over time.

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Cabinet appointed by the president upon the advice of the prime minister. Senate seats; members indirectly elected by the 4 provincial assemblies and the territories' representatives by proportional representation vote; members serve 6-year terms with one-half of the membership renewed every 3 years.

National Assembly seats; members directly elected in single-seat constituencies by simple majority vote and 70 members - 60 women and 10 non-Muslims - directly elected by proportional representation vote; all members serve 5-year terms and the Consultative Council or Majlis al-Shura 85 seats; members directly elected in single- and 2-seat constituencies by simple majority popular vote to serve renewable 4-year terms.

National Assembly - last held on 25 May next to be held on 25 July National Assembly - percent of votes by party - PTI Supreme Court of Pakistan consists of the chief justice and 16 judges. High Courts; Federal Shariat Court; provincial and district civil and criminal courts; specialized courts for issues such as taxation, banking, customs, etc.

Political parties and leaders: Diplomatic representation in the US: Louisville KY , San Francisco. Diplomatic representation from the US: HALE since 3 December Diplomatic Enclave, Ramna 5, Islamabad. Decades of internal political disputes and low levels of foreign investment have led to underdevelopment in Pakistan. Pakistan has a large English-speaking population, with English-language skills less prevalent outside urban centers. Despite some progress in recent years in both security and energy, a challenging security environment, electricity shortages, and a burdensome investment climate have traditionally deterred investors.

Agriculture accounts for one-fifth of output and two-fifths of employment. Textiles and apparel account for more than half of Pakistan's export earnings; Pakistan's failure to diversify its exports has left the country vulnerable to shifts in world demand.

Human development continues to lag behind most of the region. The program concluded in September Although Pakistan missed several structural reform criteria, it restored macroeconomic stability, improved its credit rating, and boosted growth. Balance of payments concerns have reemerged, however, as a result of a significant increase in imports and weak export and remittance growth. GDP purchasing power parity: GDP official exchange rate: GDP - real growth rate: GDP - composition, by end use: GDP - composition, by sector of origin: Industrial production growth rate: Labor force - by occupation: Pakistan has substantial underemployment.

Population below poverty line: Household income or consumption by percentage share: Distribution of family income - Gini index: Taxes and other revenues: Inflation rate consumer prices: Central bank discount rate: Commercial bank prime lending rate: Stock of narrow money: Stock of broad money: Stock of domestic credit: Market value of publicly traded shares: Reserves of foreign exchange and gold: Stock of direct foreign investment - at home: Stock of direct foreign investment - abroad: Electricity - installed generating capacity: Electricity - from fossil fuels: Electricity - from nuclear fuels: Electricity - from hydroelectric plants: Electricity - from other renewable sources: Crude oil - production: Crude oil - exports: Crude oil - imports: Crude oil - proved reserves: Refined petroleum products - production: Refined petroleum products - consumption: Refined petroleum products - exports: Refined petroleum products - imports: Natural gas - production: Natural gas - consumption: Natural gas - exports: Natural gas - imports: Natural gas - proved reserves: Carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of energy: Telephones - fixed lines: Telephones - mobile cellular: Broadband - fixed subscriptions: National air transport system: Civil aircraft registration country code prefix: Airports - with paved runways: Airports - with unpaved runways: Karachi, Port Muhammad Bin Qasim.

LNG terminal s import: Military service age and obligation: Terrorist groups - home based: Terrorist groups - foreign based: Punjab and Sindh Provinces and Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. Professional clients can incur losses that exceed deposits. Open an account Test drive with a demo. Open an account Open a demo account.

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