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This field will accept up to 10 digits, which is the maximum that will print on CapMx reports.

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Pursuant to his termination agreement, he is allowed to exercise 9, shares post-termination. In this situation, you must customized his vesting schedule to accommodate the details of the termination agreement. After completing the customization on the Vesting Details screen, type something like the following in the Notes field: Used to a view a table of vesting dates and number of shares vested, or b "customize" a vesting schedule.

If the selected Vesting Schedule uses either the optionee's "hire date" or the grant's "grant date" as the VSD, this field will pre-fill. If the VSD is based on a date other than the hire date or the option grant date, the Vesting Start Date field will remain blank and you can input the date you want.

If pre-filled by the system, you cannot change the date in the Vesting Start Date field. At the message box, you will have the choice to continue with the automatic split or cancel the split. Make sure that the appropriate fair market value is in the FMV table before entering grants. If the Optionee has any subsequently dated grants, CapMx may give an error message to the effect that the grant cannot be saved because to do so would cause an ISO Limit violation.

In that situation, cancel off that screen and run the ISO Limit Report for that option holder to see what the problem is. Any grant not meeting such requirements is an NSO.

Such term shall not include any option if as of the time the option is granted the terms of such option provide that it will not be treated as an incentive stock option. To the extent provided in regulations by the Secretary, a similar rule shall apply for purposes of subsection d. Subparagraph B shall apply to a transfer of property other than cash only if section 83 applies to the property so transferred. If the grant is a Non-Plan Option , you must complete this field.

If the grant is made pursuant to an Option Plan, this field will automatically pre-fill based on the Option Grant date and the Grant Life Duration indicated on the Option Plan screen. CapMx uses the "minus one day" convention when automatically completing the Expiration Date field.

Although this field may pre-fill as noted above, you can edit the date. While most standard option plans have a ten-year Grant Life Duration, you may need to modify the date in this field to accommodate grants to ten percent shareholders, special grants, etc.

CapMx automatically cancels the Option at Exercise Price Per Share. This field will accept up to 15 digits, inclusive of numbers both before and after the decimal. Please note that although only a maximum of four decimal places will display on CapMx reports, the reports will use the full decimal number for calculations, with the result rounded accordingly to fit within the four-decimal display constraint. If the grant is an ISO, this field automatically pre-fills using the fair market value for the grant date as listed on the FMV table.

If there is no FMV for the grant date, the system will use the FMV on the table for the closest date preceding the grant date. However, in certain situations, i. Make sure that the fair market value is in the FMV table before entering grants. Early Exercise Yes or No. If the grant is a Non-Plan Option , you must complete this field by selecting either "Yes" or 'No" from the drop-down. If the proposed grant is made pursuant to an option plan, this field will pre-fill with "No" if the Option Plan screen i.

If Options granted under the plan may be exercised prior to vesting as noted on the Option Plan screen , the field on the grant screen will not pre-fill. Instead, you can input either "Yes" or "No" at the grant level based on the provisions in the Option Agreement.

While many option plans are silent as to whether or not grants under the plan are early exercisable leaving that decision to be made on a case-by-case basis by the Board of Directors or the Plan Administrator , the Option Agreement itself will contain explicit instructions if the grant is to have early exercisability.

If the plan is silent as to whether or not grants under the plan are early exercisable, setting "Early Exercise" to "Yes" at the plan level will afford you the most flexibility in completing that field at the grant level.

However, if "Early Exercise" is set to "No" at the plan level, that field at the Grant screen will automatically pre-fill with "No" and you will not be able to change it to "Yes".

Rule Compensatory Yes or No. Change of Control Yes or No. If the grant is a Non-Plan Option , you must complete this field by selecting either "Yes" or "No" from the drop-down.

If the plan is silent as to whether or not grants under the plan can have vesting accelerated upon a change of control, setting "Change of Control" to "Yes" at the plan level will afford you the most flexibility in completing that field at the grant level.

However, if "Change of Control" is set to "No" at the plan level, that field at the Grant screen will automatically pre-fill with "No", and you will not be able to change it to "Yes" at the initial Option Grant screen.

However, you will be able to change it if you go back into the Grant using the Option Modify feature. An Option cannot be exercised or cancelled while in Pending status. See Rule Compensatory for more information on how that field works in tandem with the "Federal Exemption" field.

If the Rule Compensatory field is marked "Yes", you will only be able to select either "Blank" or "Import " at the Federal Exemption field. CapMx provides the following list of pre-defined Federal Exemptions please consult your legal advisor regarding the applicable exemption:. The federal exemption "" is not selectable. So long as the "Rule Compensatory" field is "Yes", and the "Federal Exemption" field is "Blank", after you run the computation and receive a "Pass" on at least one of the three tests, the system will then automatically fill in the Federal Exemption field with the exemption for the securities included in the computation.

If the "Rule Compensatory" field is set to "Yes", you can only select either "Import " or "Blank" at the "Federal Exemption" field. Select "Blank" if you want the system to complete the field with "" after running the computation and passing at least one of the three tests. See below for how to use the selection "Import ". If the "Rule Compensatory" field is set to "No", you can select any "Federal Exemption" except "Import " or "Blank" "" is never selectable. The "Import" exemptions can be used to designate those securities issued prior to the time your firm became responsible for the company's stock and option administration.

Although not a mandatory field, the Federal Exemption field must be completed in order for the Option grant to be in "Active" status and appear on the Optionholder Report. An Option grant without the Federal Exemption field completed will be in "Pending" status and will not appear on the Optionholder Report.

Most private company securities will have, at a minimum, the standard Act legend. However, even if the field pre-fills based on information on the Option Plan screen, you can still modify it. Please note that legends entered at the Option Grant and SPR Grant screens will automatically flow to the Legends field on the Stock Issue screen upon exercise of the grant.

This field does not pre-fill for Stock and Warrants. Select the appropriate legend s from the pop-up list. Agreement on File Yes or No. Used to indicate the ending date for the period of time the holder cannot exercise the Option.

However, the system will not prevent you from exercising the Option within that period. This field is automatically filled by the system with Pending or Active. The Option grant will have a Pending status until:. While leaving an Option in Pending status will not affect the system, only Active Options can be exercised or canceled. For an Option grant made under an Option Plan, these fields are automatically populated based on the parameters set at the Option Plan screen in the Default Grace Period section.

However, at the time of grant and until such time as a transaction has been effected on the grant, these fields may be modified. Please see Reports Overview for more information and for a description of the limitation on running reports if the company has had more than two stock splits.

The CapMx system will process only one stock split on any given split record date. You must split all pertinent classes on the same split record date at the same time.

However, if you later attempt to split the Series A stock and use the same split record date of February 4, , the system will not accept that second split. Please note that if the company's Par Value is to be adjusted pursuant to the split, the adjusted Par Value must also be entered at the Authorized Capital screen. It is not required for the Authorized Capital screen to be updated prior to executing the split because the split will not affect the authorized shares on that screen.

Please note, though, that the "Available Number of Shares"on that screen will be affected. For that reason, although not required to be done prior to the split, it is strongly suggested that the update is done prior to split. Any stock certificate that is generated by the CapMx system in connection with a stock split, i.

Conversely, the "Issue Price per Share" on the original stock certificate will not be adjusted. The company underwent a 3-for-2 forward stock split and did not select "Cancel Old Stock" i. The company underwent a 2-for-1 forward stock split and selected "Cancel Old Stock" i.

After reviewing the Data Integrity Check Report, it is also advisable that you run the following reports and make the following calculations: Please notify your Stock Administrator when this situation arises so that the appropriate adjustments can be made. If you are a Stock Administrator, please notify your designated support representative for assistance. If the Shares Outstanding number does not match your manual calculation, the discrepancy is probably due to a rounding issue see the "Integrity Problem" on the Data Integrity Check Report for the discrepancy type for each Warrant listed.

It is very important that you carefully review the Warning and run the reports listed, along with any other reports you may want to retain of the pre-split data. Click Continue to open the Stock Split screen. Fill-in the fields and click Process Split. CapMx places the split into a batch. The split will be processed in the order of its place in the batch and based upon the system load.

Usually, this will mean a 5 - 10 minute wait for the split to be finalized. Upon a successful submission, a message screen appears confirming that a request to execute a Stock Split was submitted, and informing you that you must check the Stock Split Log to see the conversion status, i. Check the Stock Split Log screen to see the status of the stock split. The split status will be one of the following: In-queue the split has been placed in the batch process file ; In Process CapMx is processing the split ; Completed; Failed.

Details - The following is the list of fields and information required to effect a stock split. The first section of the screen consists of the Stock Split Entry grid: This field accepts decimals, i.

The next section of the screen is the Classes to Split grid. Select if all of the outstanding stock certificates are to be cancelled. Please note that for a reverse stock split , the system automatically selects this column.

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