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Steve Copan — The Market Matrix. Guy's trading and teaching methods are so well respected that his client list includes New York Stock Exchange Euronext, the biggest stock exchange in the world and he has given exclusive training sessions on trading all over the world including the US, Europe and the Far East. How was Guy's effectiveness in relation to promises he made? Ultimate Guide to Spreads.

Guy Cohen – Illuminati Trader (10 CDs, 4.54 GB) (

Guy is a true partner in trading “What really makes OVI Traders and Guy different from other providers is he is honest, he is patient, he has a method which manifestly works and is easy to understand why it works.

Then trade it and watch the money roll in. Now here are some other amazing features of TradeThe Banks which makes this arguably the most exciting system currently available:. Thousands of people from all walks of life. Keep up the great work and many thanks.

I can do this and so can you because of my elegant software crunching away behind the scenes. Without those algorithms and raw computing power it would be very time consuming and tedious to do — almost impossible in fact.

All the work is done for you, leaving you with virtually nothing to do. Talk about the lazy way to trade! This is surely it. This is the very opposite of taking risks. In fact, if you will simply follow my instructions to the letter, there need be hardly any risk at all.

Before I get into the main meat of my review let me just briefly cover what I think is a particularly strong aspect of this new product. Over the years I have had some great successes. This said, I could have made much more money than I have done and the main reason why I have not is that I just don't have enough time to trade seriously. I don't invest or trade for a complete living and so I cannot keep my eye on the ball.

With this system however I found that most of the features are automated and the clever software tells you; when to invest, what direction to invest long - going up or short - going down , which secret indicator predicts the market and how long to watch it for. I am left wondering how much I would have earned over the years if I had been able to use something like this. To achieve this automation, Guy has devised an amazing 'Trading Flag' which I have never seen before in this format and this is a totally new way of looking at complex data with a simple indicator system.

This 'Secret Signal' is the main difference from the hugely successful and accurate 'Illuminati Trading' course that Guy did a while back. Guy's 'Secret Signal' is found by using the automated software which comes with the package. This provides a huge step forward to what has been available in the past. For me and anyone else who does not want to spend hours a day monitoring figures, this is just a dream come true. Don't worry though, if you are the sort of person who loves the tediousness of doing this manually, Guy tell's you how you can do this and how you can disable this aspect of the software, but for me this 'automation' was a major positive point.

However, this cannot be achieved without some sort of commitment on behalf of the student, I suppose that a course has never been made which will allow a student to learn without at least some effort on their part. I found that once a trade is moving - stop losses and stop gains are moved to 'lock in' gains without liquidating your position - quite powerful stuff really for such 'beginners'. Now, this is an important point.

I was able to ignore my in-built human worries because of my knowledge of how markets work but I have to say to any novice considering using any form of financial trading, if you cannot get to grips with the fact that from time to time your investment will be below what you started with, then think very carefully before becoming involved.

You need to be strong and it is this aspect which causes novice traders the most problems. If you can stay the course and be resolute, then you will undoubtedly earn money but if not, then give yourself a break and consider some other form of income generating opportunity.

At one point in the course I became confused about one particular technical point. I was very soon put on the right track and I didn't have another question after that. Chatting to the people in his Inner Circle - they were all complementary and they all seemed to be making significant sums of money - though I only have their word for this. I don't think however that they could ALL be making it up lol! As I understand it, purchasing Guy's course entitles a new customer to be a pare of the 'Elite Inner Circle' and this will be invaluable to anyone who is worried about what happens if they get stuck with any aspect of the course.

I have to say that I got a bit angry at reading Guy's sales letter. His attention to detail is remarkable and I could tell that the software is really something special. I think that what I paid for the course was a steal just for the 'Secret Signal' information and the software alone.

With a small investment bank, I made enough to cover the course in 30 days which sounds reasonable to me. It's just that long sales letters tend to annoy me and I get a bit frustrated, so this was a negative experience for me.

The only thing I could think about regarding this system being improved is if Guy arranged for a pager to be provided with the system. A pager once programmed could alert an investor to new trades and would allow almost 24 hour trading if required. It would also allow a position to be terminated if a trade was moving the other way - but then again that is what stop losses are for. Having never traded using fixed odds betting, I feel that more could have been covered on this subject but in fairness to Guy - he had never professed to cover this in his trading system.

I do feel that to make this system even better, it should be adapted to offer some sort of automated fixed odds betting. I would recommend this system to anyone who is determined to make money from home using nothing more than a computer and an internet link. Provided the mentality is not to make a fortune for no effort, then I think that anyone can take Guy's system and have money coming in within a month. This is always assuming however that the student has an initial stake investment.

Overall I would rate this at 4. As a young man someone once said to me "Alan, you are the sort of person who knows the cost of everything - and the value of nothing".

Once I managed to work out what they meant I thought long and hard about it. From that time onwards I changed my thinking about cost. Since then I have never said "that's expensive" when I have only been given the price. I look at the cost of something and I analyse what value can be obtained from it so I get a balanced viewpoint. Some things cost cents or pennies and are very, very expensive because they deliver no value.

Whereas some things cost millions but if they add appropriate value and so they can be remarkably cheap.

Guy Cohen's Flag Trader system is, in my informed opinion, remarkably cheap. However, don't buy it unless you are prepared to work the system - otherwise it will be remarkably expensive. I feel that Guy should now look at other areas of trading and further automation and see if he can design and build a fully automated trading system which does not even need a human to interface with it. Still, this seems a bit 'pie in the sky' - so may never actually be possible. You can find out more about this trading package by visiting Guy Cohens site which is at: I am particularly happy to post any comments including any negative ones if you wish to make them in the interests of ensuring that people are kept informed of what courses are producing the results and which one's are not.

You can find out more about Guy's course by visiting I have been studying and trying investment and trading systems for over 20 years. I do not work as a full time trader but I have always had a passion for wanting to know about what is available. I am now looking to develop my profile on the internet and to help wannabe investors and traders to find their way through the minefield of courses, software and other gizmo's which are out there.

There are other Guy Cohen flag traders review, but the above goarticles. As I explained on chart patterns page, you need to follow certain rules to become flag traders and be successful in trading those flag patterns. Some flag traders have made money trading these explosive continuation patterns, while some other flag traders lost money when the prices spiked up and down and they wonder why.

Now that you read Guy Cohen's flag traders review and or my version of Guy's flag traders review on stock trading courses page, do you want Guy Cohen show you how to become successful flag traders and make money in the stock market via his flag traders course and Flag Traders System? Click here for Guy Cohen Flag Trading Course Packag e Return to stock trading strategies home page from flag traders page To top of flag traders review page.

Free Bottle on Selected Package. This focuses on trading simple Price colour patterns which you can literally master over a weekend back testing and start trading with the software shows you what to do next.

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