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I am not a big user of this forum and signed in under a different name here. I was a Beau Diamond customer and still use one of his trading methods to this day EZ as it works well for me. The main EMAs that you can use are: Not a bad return.


Sep 13,  · james16 Chart Thread Commercial Content. EURUSD – recurring formations (divergence) On the H4 chart, I indicated two divergences that have already been implemented, and the price went according to the principle – divergence bullish – div (+) and up the price goes, and another divergence bearish- div (-) and the price fell.

I joined the James16 pf about two weeks ago. Best decision I made. A wealth of information, support, webinars, online chats, and more.

It's amazing how big a difference having a teacher makes with your trading. I'm slowly learning to read and understand price action, and the chart patterns they teach. You can get similar stuff on the James16 chart thread, but it will take a while to get through all the posts and put it together in your mind. If you have time to do that, that's fine. I needed something more structures and organized. I'm currently demoing, and this is my first month.

Hopefully I can demonstrate be profitable by next March, and start to trade live once again. I see I was the last person to post in this thread.

I've been with the J16 group for more than half a year now. It has really helped my ability to understand price exact, where price will move, where it will stall, where it can reverse. There really is something special about the group. It teachers and supports traders who want to learn and improve. Strictly from an objective point of view, if the methods that the group uses work, I'm willing to guess that they are relatively simple and consistent.

If that is indeed true, you shouldn't need more than about 6 months to learn the method and then continue practicing the methods without paying the fee.

Pretty good bang for your buck. If the methods do not work, I'm guessing the rules and strategies are complex and perhaps constantly changing.

If you see this practice not among the students but the teachers then I would avoid paying the money. Having a teacher can indeed shorten that learning curve, but only if you are at the right stage in your trading career. It is very difficult for a trading mentor to teach patience and discipline, so if you haven't mastered these arts, you might spend more on this type of education than is neccessary.

It takes years to become a good trader, by virtue of experience. The methods they teach are very straight forward. Its the difference between self-study and studying with a teacher, and also seeing things that are there but with the light and perspective of years of experience.

The learning is faster, the answers come quicker and are more easily available, and you can manage your learning and have more direct resources for it. I've technically learned almost everything that I can from the group. Now it's a matter of practicing it, and seeing it in action based on others journals and the webinars.

I've almost convinced myself I can trade with their methods profitably. Forex will take some time. As for stocks, it's like taking candy from a baby. Being a newbie, I don't care about anything other than knowing if j16 method works or not.

Are there any comprehensive back testing results available? There isn't one method. It is a group which supports new traders and helps then develop into profitable ones, with focus on price action, no indicators, higher time frames, proper psychology, and learning. And the answer is yes. It is easy to slam that which you know nothing about, referring to the two previous replies.

I've been a member of the group since July of After 12 month's it is a life time membership. I concider it the absolute best money I've ever spent in regards to my trading education and growth as a trader. Nothing else is even close for me personally. Plain, boring, old-fashioned compound interest. One non-trading exercise that I started to work on in the beginning of my J16 tenure was to work with spreadsheets.

Fijitrader, a mysterious guru-guy in our group who actually traded his way to living in Fiji As I began to "tinker" with them, a few minor things hit me. This is our dream. But this means you might need help to get along. Perhaps you get 3 months profitable in a row. With a little creative spreadsheet working, you can see how much this little "bump" can help.

But if you add to the pool of money getting compounded, it becomes a little more obtainable. As for some of the crazy claims out there on returns And those guys are professionals. Not a bad return. Imagine what it does with a larger amount of money. Those people are who I refer to as liquidity. Their testosterone is what will cost them money and accounts in the end. It's about keeping a calm, cool head.

This is coming from someone who actually lead the entire state in penalty minutes in Ice Hockey at the High School level.

I know you have heard it before, but trading really isn't an exciting endeavor. It's not a contact sport. My opinion is that you can do nothing but screw up a trade if you watch it.

Trust me, Murphy's Law. Ok, off the soapbox. I encourage you all to read this thread from beginning to end. And then, read it again, and again, and again. Finally, pay attention to what James and the senior members say and stick to it.

This stuff works, but you have to put in the time, be patient, and never give up now if I can only listen to my own advice. It's like, I've fallen in love with this method all over again. Thanks James and the rest of the James16 crew. You can give most traders a daytrading method that finds a decent profit 80 plus percent of the time and 80 plus percent of them will still fail and find a way to lose all there money.

Thanks Jarroo and James. Thanks Jarroo and James But I must speak.

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