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When these arrived two of them were already broken, and they were packed in bubble wrap. The 'pro' calculator also has a chart with all F-stop reductions, optical density and filter factors so you can easily find an equivalent to any filter. Most are free in PDF format. It's a highly challenging game, since you are strictly an investor, not a billionaire who can take over companies and manipulate their stock prices or dominate whole industries.

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The Nasdaq Stock Market website features stock market news, stock information & qoute updates, data analysis reports, as well as a general overview of the market landscape.

The agricultural economy is facing challenging times, and NDAES scientists are applying innovative technologies to improve cultivars, increase production levels and gain efficiency with the goal of improving farm profitability.

You'll also learn about how our NDSU Extension Service specialists and agents are providing educational programming that helps North Dakotans improve their lives, livelihoods and communities.

Using appropriate safety practices when working around grain is vital. Making sure pregnant beef cows meet their nutrient needs this winter could be difficult because of the toll this year's drought took on hay production. Supplementing the cows with feed such as corn dried distillers grains with solubles will provide the animals with the extra nutrients they require, according to research at NDSU's Central Grasslands Research Extension Center, near Streeter.

The scientists involved in this research also studied the impact of supplementing pregnant cows with alfalfa hay and a liquid supplement. This was one of several beef cattle topics NDSU animal scientists and Extension Service specialists studied in the past year.

Many North Dakota producers are experiencing the effects of drought conditions on their operations. Producers also may list pasture they have for rent. The FeedList, at https: Prospective buyers can select what they want to buy and contact the sellers. Using the FeedList is free of charge. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading the Annual Highlights! If the pericarp is damaged, the kernel is more susceptible to mold growth and insect infestations. This reduces the expected storage life of the grain.

Assure that the storage facility is clean and insects are not living in aeration ducts, under perforated floors, or in handling equipment or debris around the facility. Fumigate the empty bin to kill insects under the floor or in aeration ducts if an infestation occurred during the previous year. Also, consider applying an approved residual bin spray and a grain protectant to repel potential insect infestations if storing grain during warmer portions of the year.

More advice about grain drying and storage is available from the Extension Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering homepage. Monitoring water quality throughout the livestock grazing season is important, as some parts of North Dakota are seeing hot and dry conditions.

Set your camera to aperture priority, select the aperture you want to use and take a note of the shutter speed. For the 'PRO' calc find the closest shutter speed to your reading in the table header and then go down the number of stops that your ND filter filters.

For the convenience on the left hand side of the table you can find your filter names. Bear in mind all charts use full stops so if your shutter speed is a fraction of a full stop then you need to adjust it accordingly.

However on really long exposures slight variations do not affect the exposure that much so you can use the closest value from the charts. If you prefer to use non-electronic versions you can also print the charts out and laminate them to keep in your camera bag for reference. In theory these charts should give you accurate exposure. However that's not always true with very dark filters and very long exposures.

For the ND filters up to 5- or 6-stops these charts works perfectly but the darker the ND filter, the less reliable these charts get. This is true in theory, but doesn't always quite work out right in real life.

If I expose at 2 minutes, the image will be very underexposed. So I recommend going 2 or even 3 stops further, using 4 or 8 minutes of exposure time. I'm not sure why the 2 minutes don't produce the correct exposure, but I suspect we have two possible scenarios or both of them.

First of all manufacturers aren't that precise when describing the filter factor of their ND filters, especially when the filter factor gets big. A manufacturer could say that their 9-stop filter has a filter factor of five hundred twelve or five hundred or simply four hundred.

The second possible option could be due to some kind of digital equivalent to 'reciprocity failure', which is a phenomenon experienced when shooting extra long exposures with film.

The reason for such reciprocity failure with film is that the longer the exposure, the less effective the film is in recording the light and so the exposure length needs to be increased.

Taking into account both possible options I simply increase exposure to be 2 or even 3 stops longer. If you like these free ND filters long exposure calculators and cheat sheets you can also check my Long Exposure Calculators for iPhone and iPad which is a collection of different calculators including the above ND Filters cheat sheets created to help photographer with shooting long exposures with Neutral Density ND filters, in low light and at night.

It also has a lot of links to useful resources on low-light and night photography, iPhone apps and books. Connect With Ilya Genkin.

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