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Further decline is still possible in a couple of days. At this point shorting on rallies is the option. Terence Lee Sep 17,

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K Hynix etc already became multi-national corps, means that they are free from the tension between China and USA as a great supplying channel unless China and USA both ban all of importing activities, means that US and China impose tariffs on both products not S.

Korean goods esp intermediate products, which must be imported to manufacture complete products: As a matter of fact, the multi-national corps, mentioned above from S. Korea, will be the biggest winner as a great supplying channel as they have been in the world market since yr: However what about Aussie, NZ, H. No Growth Engine for them: Sep 11, 9: Sep, 04th released the data for 2nd Q Aussie account balance, it is - Sep 11, 8: That means Chinese Yuan will be further devalued into the level of 6.

Long story, short, Yuan will be down to the level of 6. I have no idea what they planned for trading spats, however it looks like that China and USA both are taking a advantages: Quim Serra Sep 11, 8: I would like to read your thougts about it and you comments with ref. MissPiggy Sep 11, 8: Sep 10, 1: Korean Won and Japanese Yen are the bright spots: Korean economy has been more than 78months consecutively to record its twin surplus from its trading and current-account: Nickyjack Sep 10, 1: Yunh Japenese economy outrange all the economies, US, Chinese and so on..

Sep 09, Due to Fed rate-hiking, not only Yuan, but also especially, Indonesian Rupiah are in being big trouble, and it will be going to get relief loan from IMF before end of They are suffering from twin deficits: Sep 07, 8: MissPiggy Sep 07, 8: They know rates have to go up and not down. Negative interest rates help nobody and in the end debt has to be paid back. Look where Europe is with their negative rates Brian Hughes Sep 07, 8: Hi folks, I am not advocating for QE.

If Trump, of whom I am a supporter, can maintain a growing economy then QT is obviously the way to go and makes sense. Unfortunately QT has a detrimental effect on other economies that are not so strong and do not have an abundance of USD in reserve it appears. This will in effect break China in the long run in my opinion as she is forced to use reserves to support Yuan.

However, there are the issues of impending market collapse coupled with its inevitable contagion and the role gold reserves will play in its currency solution.

What does Trump have in his box of tricks to help solve this dilemma? Sep 07, 5: Breaking News Chinese foreign currency reserve fell the lowest level in 10months: Sep 05, Under current circumstances, higher 10yr yield bond means no money and nobody invests into it: Asian 10yr bond rates now: Indeed it is a simple math between the correlation of 10yr bond yield and currency rate: Sep 04, 8: Cheung Cheung Sep 04, 8: Aug 30, Chinese 2nd Q account deficit is also huge..

However in case, Indonesia, twin deficits again and again, how long it will be able to go? Just a matter of time, Indonesia is in big hurry to talk to IMF: The only bright spots in Asian currencies are S. Korea Won and Japanese Yen, that is all: MissPiggy Aug 30, And so with it go gold prices Singapore is getting into financially very unstable situation because Singapore has no way to collect back its huge loan amounts from Malaysia, Indonesia, and especially from China.

That is why, Hong Kong also its currency are being down and down and it is also spending too much its foreign currency reserve to prevent its peg system: There is no way to collect back the loans from Malaysia, Indonesia, and China: Math never tell you a lie: As you can see from Bloomberg reports today in morning, Malaysian foreign currency reserve is running out of it. Malaysia will be going to national bankruptcy very soon: Indonesia also its rupiah has been down much worse than ever.

It will be also going into national default: Abbas Malik Aug 27, 2: Can we find data on yuan like we cftc data for other currencies. Dwain Hobbs Aug 27, 2: Aug 24, As long as the prices are below the trend line, the.

After breaking above the neckline resistance, the pair extended its bullish movement to as high as 0. Further decline is still possible in a couple of days.

On the downside, the pair could be expected to test FOMC was perceived dovish by traders worldwide, that is why we do have a come back to the main trends, so weaker dollar, stronger EM, higher stocks and commodities. Currently that will be the closest support. That breakout creates a nice buying opportunity. As mentioned before, the pullback would possibly be correction of the uptrend from 6.

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