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Important Note: Content Outdated. Please Refer to my latest review here: HDFC Regalia Review HDFC Regalia Credit Card is one of the Super premium credit cards issued by the bank which holds a prestigious status.

All assets are held as shares in demat or Rs. Have you heard cases where this card is offered as a lifetime free card?

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Important Note: Content Outdated. Please Refer to my latest review here: HDFC Regalia Review HDFC Regalia Credit Card is one of the Super premium credit cards issued by the bank which holds a prestigious status.

How does hdfc infinia compare with Citibank prestige? With regard to overall rewards, global acceptance and best return for money. It depends on what kind of redemption you prefer. Citi Prestige is mainly for ppl playing the Points and miles game.

Else, its a completely new entity as it comes with a different PAN. Spends are usually 50K per month avg. Should I try hard to get Infinia or do you think I can make good with the above? Is it issued to both Resident Indian and Non resident Indian.

Thanks in advance for your feedback. Am not sure about this. The card bill also needs to be settled by the linked NRO account. Being offered both Infinia and Citi Prestige. My annual spend is 20L mostly corporate travel. Suggestion which one should I use? It seems Infinia has better reward returns? My spend is half flights and remain in hotel etc. As I understand Infinia will give 3. All other benefits seems quite same. Citi is known for its Hotel Transfer partners and Prestige is known for the Limo benefit.

It is not just 3. You also get 5X with many merchants incl MMT. But if you need limo drops etc you canconsider Prestige as Sid says. However the branch i have my account in does not offer imperia accounts. Therefore i will have to transfer my account to another branch in order to get my account converted to Imperia.

Should i transfer my account and get it coverted to Imperia? Will i be getting any extra benefits on that? As i mentioned in the article, Imperia will help to certain extent, but you also need other to be strong in other aspects as i mentioned in the article. I did the same so i know for sure. S your preferred RM will not tell you this because he will loose you as a customer so talk directly to imperia RM.

Siddharth i have just been upgraded to Infinia. I do not have a salary of 40 lakhs and instead my gross annual income is Rs. Besides, i work for the central government. Manoj, Congrats on Infinia! True with the said points.

Also, Interesting about the FD thing. Did they mark a lien on the card? My regalia was lifetime free this is not even tough its gives as an upgrade, anual fee of is charged but in return i get rewards so its practically free. Thanks for sharing your experience with Infinia, especially the Imperia RM without change of branch part is very useful. Maintain a minimum Average Monthly Balance of Rs. Thanks for sharing in depth info on approval process. Little correction on the last part.

PS, Before i came to know of your website, i Thought i had the best rewarding credit card REGALIA , and my only credit card but your website has helped me a lot, After i started reading your website, i applied for three more credit cards, If you allow then I would also love to share my journey about how i got regalia card and how my credit limit increased from 2,25, to 8,00, in two years with detailed spending pattern and and time between each credit limit increase and amount spent between two credit limit increases.

I am in Ahmedabad and eligible for imperia at my Vejalpur branch. But what is the advantage except zero locker rent?

As per there website they charge Rs plus tax every quarter programme fees same as preferred programme. Even after imperia member, no guarantee to get Infinia credit card. It is the highest premium account at HDFC bank.

My programme management fees were waived off last year , so I am saving Rs. You can try to get is waived off by calling and writing to your RM. Its nice to learn all internal process at HDFC bank cards.

Mr Malav, your Infinia card is life time free — same as Regalia?? No it is not life time free, It has anual fee of 10, rs per year but in return i get 10, reward points worth 10, rs so its practically free. So this rewards points, we can redeem for credit card bill payment? Or we need to purchase some other things like flight or anything from catalogue??

You can use 10, reward points to purchase thing from reward catalogue, recharge mobile and dth, book flight and hotel etc, but its best used and valued when used for hotel booking or flight booking and dth and mobile recharges. You can buy Rs 10, value goods from rewards point or only flight and hotel bookings??

Rs tax is not refundable from rewards points?? How is infinia better than hdfc diners black. I am planning to go for diners black even though I am eligible for infinia? Can you please assist? Is infinia like a pure superset of diners black then? If not in what terms is it better? I have heard plenty about the features in diners black as far as lifestyle is concerned i. Do we enjoy the same privileges if we hold infinia?

Will go for Diners black then. Will upgrade to infinia if I get a better offer there. I have recently upgraded from Diners Black to Infinia, mainly because the conversion rate in infinia is much better than Diners Black. Diners Black charges like almost 1 re more for each USD when compared to infinia. I dont find any difference between the 2 except the 10X points offer in Diners Black.

So diners black is better till the offer. I see other blogs that hardly update content but you update regular and best part take time to reply to every comment here that users put, much appreciated mate great quality content with outstanding support. I took your consulting and after 3 months I drop an email with some query and you answer that in no time which is really sweet.

Okay, latest update regarding upgrading to Infinia. Spoke to the relationship manager and inquired about an upgrade to Infinia. He said that was possible only if I had such an offer on my card. He said that for salaried personnel the monthly income must be 4L and for self employed an ITR showing at least 40L. I will check with my RM if there is an initial fee for the first year or not. But if they charge me 10K, then how do I get back that money in terms of other benefits? But first of all, 12L on FD is not a right choice to park your money unless you plan to use Priority pass to the tune of visits or so a year.

My annual spend is approx. I am thinking of cancelling this card as I dont want to pay the fee. I use the MR points heavily for air travel Indigo — family vacations, and this has been a big reason for this to be the primary card. Guess the spend will be 1 — 1. This is LTF due to relationship wt bank, credit limit 6L. Have Priority Pass card, which is also used.

However, not a fan of the rewards program and have not used it much really. Hence my question is:. Will I miss the vouchers now Spicejet or their own travel portal?

And if I cancel, will the Infinia have similar or better benefits than Amex travel I am looking at travel vouchers mainly. Amex plat travel still has good reward rate. They seem to waive off on spends north of 10L these days. There are many other factors to decide though. For ex, if you fly intl often, then Infinia might help due to unlimited PP. If the PP usage is not much and card is generally used for shopping and travel with annual spend around 8L.

Is Infinia card still good choice given that now I have an option to get one? Cancelled my Diners Jet because lack of acceptability. I recently got the email to convert my resident regalia to NR card. I applied on the online form with the FD made and there was radio silence for a week.

When I checked up with the branch and phone banking , no one could give me an update on the application status. The branch said that NR infinia does not exist and the phone banking guys told me to talk to the branch. Any ways long story short I got my infinia card yesterday. I travel a lot and often use the Priority pass program. This card helped me earned lakhs of rupees free of cost In form of points. And finally kudos to sidhart fir opening such a wonderful forum where people who share the same passion for cards and travel can share their views.

Hdfc bank is funny. At that time I was having a Citi Premier miles with a limit of 6. Not sure what are my past sins but my cibil is absolutely clean. Infinia for 4L P. I wonder what triggered the upgrade. I have regalia and diners black. Not possible RM said after doing max negotiations with credit card team. I believe my RM. Asked them to take a hike: Also limit enhancement when one holds two super premium cards is NOT possible.

My current limits regalia: I spoke with the RM but no luck. I own Regalia with 6. Heading for a Disneyland holiday with the family to USA?

Rushing for a business trip to Hong Kong? Sending your child abroad for education? Travel Money India has foreign exchange for every reason.

Click on " Contact Us " and send us an email, or call us on , Business hours Have a question about how much foreign currency you can carry? Wondering what happens if you lose your card? We have a current account and need to at least 50 NEFT transactions each day. This is not good for a reputed bank like yours. I have received monthly account statement through mail but did not get the password to open kindly send me my password.

I have changed my mobile no. How can I update my mobile no. On the 26th of November at I tried to explain to the person in charge, but he bluntly expressed ignorance, and asked me to report to HDFC.

In the event of the above, please let me know what to do. Dear Provider For my customer number I had given in writing to reduce my tax structure from the present No action is being done as of now. Could you investigate its status and revert to me at your earliest convenience.

I would like to confirm one thing that can i withdraw my remaing balance in prepaid forex plus card from India. In case yes then what is the procedure for the same? I mean i can withdraw the money via ATM or i will have follow any other procedure. Currently i am working in bangalore and native place is vijayawada.

I would like to change my branch. Could you please let me know is it possible to change salary account branch from Hyd to Vijayawada. How can I get statements of over 3 yrs? Online does not have that facility. I have HDFC credit card but started using it for the last few months only. I have cash withdrawal facility and used last month to take some money. They did not mention that if I withdraw money they will charge Rs. I wanted some rs.

When I see my nov. That means for Rs. This is a loot. Why they are telling a lie that they give 50 days credit for using credit card? Why they fool the public? I want to know what is the longest tenure for property loan.. If I take loan of around 15 lakh for 15 years what will be EMI per month. I had got a call from one of your executives if i am interested in applying for personal loan. As i wanted to apply i readily agreed and submitted the documents they requested for.

I had also signed the application form they had got to my work place. Its been 3 months and i am asked to produce some or other document and is being delayed.

Iam not happy with what is happening. I had a credit card of your company. The card was misplaced from me in mar I had given the payment through recovery aegnt.. Please close my account asap. Pleaes cancel the transaction and revert the entry. My KYC status is updated. I talked to one of the bank representative today,however was told that local bank authorities will contact me. Dear sir , I am having a twowheeler loan from your bank. Now i want to know the total remaining loan amount.

Can you please help me in this regard. Dear Sir, i had taken two wheeler loan from your bank which has been completed through EMI. I would like to have the contact details of country head for Chennai Branch.

Dear Sir, I am highly disappointed with the immune attitude of your investor service deptt. I had sent an e. This got matured on 7th Sept. Hoping 2 get a prompt reply with desired details, With due regards,. Kindly guide me immediately. This letter is written to you in order to know the savings bank account rates and whether a zero balance student account can be opened with a debit card facility.

Furthur I wanted to know about 1 month FDRs that are a recent trend — their minimum balance requirement and other basic nessary information. My building is on the plinth stage so I want to know if I can avail loan for the whole amount whole consideration value of my flat and make the advance payment what would be the benefit of it for the same.

Your email address will not be published. This article has 81 comments. Hello HDFC, Somehow, I have lost my number which was registered for credit card even I was changing my pin number but since it is sending OTP on my registered number i could not change it. Please find list of charges with date in attachment.

Thanking you and looking forward for kind help and support. This is the worst bank i have ever seen.

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