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The fast world of forex trading goes hand in hand with the short and quick tweets on Twitter. In , the usage of Twitter has certainly grown for currency traders.

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Here is a list of my top forex twitter accounts, each one coming with different characteristics, to suit traders interested in different aspects of trading (technical, fundamental, educational,, sentiment, a mix of some or all, etc.).

After taking a short course about forex. Macroeconomics, the impact of news on the ever-moving currency markets and trading psychology have always fascinated me. I have a B. Given this background, forex software has a relatively bigger share in the posts. Thank you for sharing this list, perfect for immediate news, quick analysis, articles, charts and interaction with fellow traders!

We feel great to have made it into your top I think the only other actual provider above us are FXPro — we are very happy! Please keep reading and please let us know if you or your readers think we should do more, do things differently or add a specific type of content that would be useful! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours as well. Zerohedge is very fast and has sharp insights, but has a wider scope than forex. I focused on forex-oriented sites.

Good news for INR? Door open for a visit to the 1. New list from September The updates cover a wide range of currencies. Following FXStreetNews is an excellent way to keep up to date. His level of interaction and support to traders is huge.

In addition, he provides trade ideas, educational content and more. His views on the markets, levels of various currency pairs and interaction with traders makes him one of the best forex twitter users. She provides links to articles, insights and covers key events. Her sharp analysis is always worth following. He is very interactive. He provides interesting insights. He helps out the followers and tweets interesting market insights. Follow her analysis of markets.

Led by chief economist Jeremy Cook. MahiForex — The New Zealand-based forex broker covers the forex markets and provides many educational articles.

ForexLive — The Forex Live team brings extremely fast updates, insights market movers and lots of humor. His charts are very useful. She provides an interesting mix of tech and fundamental analysis. He focuses on technical analysis and helping other traders. One of the most popular out there. His analysis of US data and especially teh Fed are very useful. PipCzar — Blake Morrow lives, eats and breathes the markets and this can be seen on his Twitter account. His musings are up to date and very amusing.

He provides rapid news updates, some of which normal media often ignores. His account keeps you up with his trades, and more. Apart from forex education, his instant analysis is very useful. LeapRate — Leap Rate is a good source for forex industry news.

JoelKruger — Joel Kruger is a former currency strategist turned full time trader. He combines both skills in his tweets and shares key levels. He brings a great mix of fundamental and technical analysis. NYTimeskrugman — Paul Krugamn, the Nobel laureate that triggers either applause or loathing is always interesting to read for those focusing on fundamentals.

Also tweets about other things. Great market observations and lots of charts of all kinds. She provides many educational insights and interacts with the followers.

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