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The annual review sets the official industry data is used by executive teams, and our ratings are referenced on earnings calls, national TV commercials, US Senate hearings, and throughout the spend more than one thousand hours testing online brokerage accounts every year.

And now they got nothing back. So they are deeply in debt. I would rather have the guaranteed price. The retail sector is actually a better one because weather events are very difficult, in fact, impossible to predict. How are people doing, are they making lots of money and that sort of thing.

So people can start looking at these economic indicators ahead of time and that again is the deal. The last thing I want to say is that using these types of cycles affect any type of cycles, is just one energy in the market. Money going in, money going out, the buying, the selling, the supply, the demand. You still need other things. But this is one extra thing that you can add to your trading in professionals. Kind of a weird thing to say, but what I mean by that is that if you did get value from it, please pay it forward, just pay it forward.

And the best way to do that is to click the share button. Click the subscribe button. Click the thumbs up icon, leave comments below. I love your comments. I call it the rubber band trade.

Get it absolutely free by clicking on the image in the top right corner of the video or in the description below the video. Once you do one of those things, I will personally email the video to you with the rubber band trade strategy.

This strategy will surely give an edge in trading against many others. I use this all the time and I absolutely love it. First of all, you want to see that you have a change of direction. So we have had a move up. And I will tell you that I agree — entries, I have no problem with entries. But exits are much more challenging than entries. But what we do want is a good risk-reward ratio and we want a reasonable, logical and high probability time to exit.

First of all, let me show you how to draw this. You start there and then to there and then a lower high. So looking for that shift in a trend. This is just the central line, you want to consider it that. So the middle one I make black and then the two outside of that I make thicker and darker blue.

And then the ones outside of that, a little lighter blue and the wind outside of that a lot lighter blue. I would expect that. But anyway, here you could see the handle. So the handle is that part where the fork, you would actually pick up the fork so to say.

But what is important here are the percentages. So, tine one is percent, tine to zero percent. Now, I have found that different charting platforms will prescribe different percentages there, but this is for Ninja trader seven. So these are going to be equidistant from the handle from the middle line. And then from there, I use 50 percent differences. So those are the settings that I use here. And as long as price action stays between these two times or these two lines, we are continuing that same type of energy.

In other words, the market is not going down with as much enthusiasm as it started. Sometimes it does, but this is a little more typical of what happens.

So it comes back down, hits that tine, comes back up, comes back down, hits that time, it comes back up, kind of rides this one down. Now, when it breaks out of the final one, the final line or tine, then I consider, this downtrend completely done this pitch fork over. Not going to look at that pitchfork anymore. I could just take it off of the chart if I wanted to.

That would be one place to exit. Another place to exit is a little more aggressive. You get a little more reward on it is when you wait for it to break out outside of this major tine here. And then look for it to come back and see how low it can go. It may not come all the way down here. You could look for things like a double bottom, etc. But just look for it to come back down here and then take a profit down here.

So those are two options for you. The signal that the energy has changed no longer is dramatic to the downside. So we drew it. The two major ones. Just create more clarity for you. So it comes in here, holds that one, gets a little below it, comes back up to the middle and holds this one. By the way, notice that it also kind of provides diagonal support resistance. Now, here is the point of the second type of exit. Once it gets above the upper major tine, I call these my two primary tines.

So this is then a very aggressive move to the upside for it to break above; see, last time we were looking forward to break below the tine to get out. So I consider that to be often an exhaustion move. It actually did make a higher high after that. But look what it also did in the meantime, which is very cool. So this is where, I would get out on an exhaustion move. Comes down here, right? So that went up. Did it make a little higher high after where I got out?

And then, well, what happens then when it finally does break down below this final tine, look at that, sure enough, that trend reverses and it goes down. So that is one of my favorite trading indicators, strategies, drawing tools, etc. Test it out for yourself, see how you like it. Yeah, it is free. But from a spiritual point of view, if you got value from it, then you have an obligation to pay it forward.

Share it with other people. And one of the best things you can do also is leave a comment. I love your comments, even if you disagree with me or maybe have something to add to the conversation to help other traders who are watching this. I have a very special offer to you. It is a super high win-loss ratio. So get my rubber band trade strategy absolutely free by simply clicking on the image in the top right corner of this video or in the description above or below this video.

Closing price strategy vs settlement price: Which do you want to be? Welcome to this video on the closing price strategy vs settlement price.

So let me show you an example of that right now. This was Nasdaq futures. This was Friday, the 17th of November. And if we come here, first of all, if we go to the New York close, these times down below our California Times.

If I go to the next bar, market closes and opens back up again 15 minutes later. These are just one-minute bars, we did that to get a very precise timing on each one of these. In fact, if you go to the cmegroup.

Is the last price traded at the close? The answer is no. So the settlement for this day was Now, the last price is listed on the cme group website at And if you look at it, the close of that bar is at So three and a half points is going to make a big difference when you plug that in as to how your floor trader pivots plot.

So make sure you use the right number. They will just go to their chart and they would use either that number or they would use the number We list the world's top regulated and authorised brokers suitable for a global audience. We aim to think global, act local with our website, so that whether you're in Asia, Europe or Africa you can gain from our content on the world's biggest market.

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Autotrader Forex brokers are websites that utilize software that Many of these companies offer bonuses when you choose to sign up for their trading Scalping is a method of forex trading that uses numerous trades conducted in very small time frames seconds hoping for tiny profits of under 5 pips An MT4 broker is commonly used by those online for foreign retail exchanges.

It is an electronic platform with a client and server component to make When you are dealing in a volatile market such as foreign currencies, you know that time is of the essence. You want to be able to set up a trading Versatility is a tool that good Forex traders can turn into a weapon. When you are able to be active in several Forex markets at the same time, then With Web Based Trading Platorms.

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