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A mandatory pre-proposal conference will be held on December 16, at a.m. to a.m., in the Council Chambers at the Beaverton Building, SW Millikan Way, Beaverton Oregon

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What Exactly is a Request for Proposal (RFP)? An RFP is a type of bidding request or solicitation when an organization openly proclaims that funding is available for a specific program or project and interested companies can place bids for that particular project or program’s completion.

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Click the super Forexmentor deal and don't need to check your wallet for the products at your cart any more. Easy to apply promo codes: However, the difference should be in level of detail, not in what is required. For example, many agencies evaluate factors and subfactors and standards.

The standards, however, are what the agencies use as a greater level of granularity to score the proposal; and these agencies keep the standards to themselves. Many RFPs for re-competes are simply updates of the work previously competed many times before. Smart procurement agencies talk to the winners and losers, after award, and ask them what the agency could have done better with the procurement, and then they use the responses for the re-compete.

For example, in a procurement in in which the oral presentation was the bulk of the proposal, the RFP stated that the presentation would be delivered on transparencies and presented using overheard projectors.

We speculated why overhead projectors: Maybe, but many of us have submitted classified bids using PowerPoint. We speculated about other possibilities, but we found out the answer the day we presented. Learn Government best practices. There are at least two Federal agencies that typically release good RFPs: The former has a proven process to develop RFPs specifically focused on oral proposals.

They answer questions in a timely fashion. The RFPs are coherent. They use factors, subfactors, and standards to score as objectively as possible. Neither agency tends to make unreasonable requests of industry. And, surprise surprise, they have rarely been protested.

A few key questions to ask yourself as you begin to think about an RFP: What do I want to accomplish with this RFP? And what is the best way to accomplish it? Do I need to assess their past performance?

Do I need to meet the people who will do this work for me? How important is transition? Answering questions such as these will help you determine proposal content as well as proposal format, and the answers will also help you determine such fundamental issues as an oral proposal versus a written one. Please answer our questions — and do so in a timely fashion.

The nature of every RFP is such that it will generate questions from bidders. What helps bidders most with regard to questions are two things: Real answers and timely answers. Please release amendments in a timely fashion. I recently worked a Federal procurement with four amendments. The first one was released on a Friday afternoon, when the proposal was originally due on the following Monday. The amendment granted us a 1-week extension. We tweaked our proposal for a few days, produced it again, and were just about ready to submit it electronically — the Government wanted both electronic and hard copies — when we received the next amendment and a 4-day extension; it was now due on Friday.

On Friday morning — again after we had already produced it — we received the 3rd amendment with another 1-week extension and the following week, again on Friday morning, we received the 4th, and last amendment, which was another 1-week extension.

Due to the timing of the amendments, we produced the proposal five separate times! Bidders will tell you if it makes sense — and in many cases we'll tell you why we might not want or need the extension! Please understand how long production takes us. A recent procurement required us to submit five volumes.

Four of the volumes — all but the cost volume — added up to about 1, pages including appendices. The cost volume, due to the complexity required in our response plus supporting Basis of Estimates BOEs , was another 5, pages. We were required to deliver 5 copies of each volume.

That added up to 30, pages. We then doubled that because we had to produce a back-up set in case something happened when we tried to deliver the first set. In this case, we flew one set across the country with our capture manager, and delivered another set to a local office via FedEx.

So, 60, pages to produce, plus, of course, another dozen CDs with the various volumes on each. This particular organization had an in-house, quite professional production facility; we were lucky. With all that going for us, it took four days to produce, put in binders, book-check, and package the proposal — and we were even luckier: And of course, we still had to allow another day for shipping.

Please decide what you want from oral presentations when you write the RFP. A few years ago I coached a team for orals to the Government.

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