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Australian Dollar(AUD) To United States Dollar(USD) This is the page of Australian Dollar (AUD) to United States Dollar (USD) conversion, below you can find the latest exchange rate between them and is updated every 1 minutes.

Aussie dollar bulls might argue that the governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Glenn Stevens, announced he would keep the rate unchanged at two percent during the last review to date on December 2. Cash transactions are rounded to the nearest five cents. Ne postez que du contenu lié au sujet abordé. You be the judge Police probe suspicious death of mother after baby son found unharmed in same house Want to feel small?

35000(DKK) Danish Krone(DKK) To Australian Dollar(AUD) Currency Rates Today

The Australian dollar is a rate worth watching. It’s a clear indication to consumers of Australia’s financial performance on the world stage.

Australian banknotes were the first in the world to use such features. This reflected its historical ties as well as a view about the stability in value of the British pound. From to , Australia maintained a peg under the Bretton Woods system, a fixed exchange rate system that pegged the U. With the breakdown of the Bretton Woods system in , Australia converted the traditional peg to a fluctuating rate against the US dollar. In September , Australia valuated the dollar against a basket of currencies called the trade weighted index TWI in an effort to reduce the fluctuations associated with its tie to the US dollar.

The TWI valuation was changed in November to a periodically adjusted valuation. On 9 December , the Australian Labor government led by Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Treasurer Paul Keating floated the Australian dollar, and the exchange rate of the Australian dollar reflected the balance of payments.

The terms of trade does not determine the value of the dollar but it is a major component of the balance of payments. For decades, Australia's balance of trade has depended primarily upon commodity exports such as minerals and agricultural products.

This means the relative value of the dollar varies significantly during the business cycle, rallying during global booms as Australia exports raw materials, and falling when mineral prices slump or when domestic spending overshadows the export earnings outlook.

This movement relative to the global economy is generally in the opposite direction to other major currencies, which are more popular during slumps as traders move value from falling stocks into cash. This high volatility and unorthodox movement in exchange rates has contributed to the AUD's status as one of the most traded currencies in the world.

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Mais on touche un plafond, faudra surveiller. La réponse de l'auteur. Ajouter un graphique au commentaire. Confirmer le blocage Annuler. Signaler ce commentaire comme inapproprié. The commodity cycle has rolled over a couple of times since then.

The dollar always seems to be playing catch-up, and at around 80 cents against the US dollar, opinions are very much divided as to which way it is heading from here. For the bulls, the fundamentals are strong — it is going up. For sceptics, the dollar is overvalued and heading south. It could have a way to go yet. While weakness in the US dollar has been a factor, Mr Bloxham believes the fundamentals in the local economy — and not just commodity prices — are strong.

Mr Rennie also said one of the factors had been a lower greenback, down about 10 per cent this year. And that probably has been one of the key drivers, and I think it probably explains about 40 per cent of the appreciation in the Australian dollar since the beginning of June," he said.

The weakness in the US dollar can be sheeted home to how investors feel about President Donald Trump. He has promised business-friendly tax cuts and infrastructure spending that would drive demand for the US dollar, but in spite of controlling both houses, Mr Rennie said President Trump had been unable to deliver. For those going on overseas holidays or buying imported goods, a high Aussie dollar is good news — they'll get more for less. Key among those exports is commodities.

Westpac is predicting prices will soften around the end of the year, putting downward pressure on the dollar. But lifting rates could push the dollar higher again, as foreign investors look to cash in on Australia's comparatively higher interest rates. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC.

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