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Philo Trading @PhiloTrading. Trader sur les futures depuis 20 ans, la Philosophie du Trading est une quête de Vie vers l'Art de l'Excellence.. le .

The price action at an LH line can do one of three things. Halt fail to break, possibly turn ; Pierce in an upsloping pattern, pierce through, then close below ; Zoom zoom through and offer a strong close. The most tradable of a MLMH trade is the zoom of the median line, whereby a order can be placed at the retracement to median line, after a strong close above it.

There are possible trades off the trigger line, but the typical trigger line trade is a zoom followed by a clear retest in the direction of the reversal. When we talk forex here, we are talking about trading currency markets, for a consistent profit over the long term, and for an income in the short term. Our dynamic maxims are: To achieve the second and third maxims, restrict losses and maximize gains, the following rules are required:.

Weight will be given to the most recent outcomes for the announced numbers for each currency to give a fundamental direction in terms of possible revaluation behind time, i. This blog is dedicated to the pursuit of a set of principles that together form a complete and concise method of approaching the forex market for trading purposes, by way of analyzing current opportunities available and taking a decision that is discernably high probability, according to the research conducted integrating the features of i and ii and their components.

There must be ruthlessness around having the discipline to research the trade, and take the trade at the desired level, and to perform pre- and post- trade analysis. Each of the fundamental and technical aspects of ICA need to be researched prior to taking a trade, and the trade should be position-sized only on the basis of a probability given the researched information.

In drawing a pitchfork the following aspects need to be considered: Fibonacci and Gann lines e. Secure custodial storage of blockchain assets insured by a third party and suitable for all regulated firms. You own the underlying assets so you'll also get all the benefits of forks and airdrops, with none of the hassles. Best Execution for blockchains. The world's centralised and decentralised exchanges are brought together into one consolidated book, and our world-class algorithms help get you there first at better prices.

We have decades of experience trading in capital markets across the world. Our heritage of building algos, market making engines and other cutting edge tools at Investment Banks shines through in our products. We've been working with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since We have experience of trading, managing, analysing and even designing decentralised cryptographic assets.

We have built up considerable IP over the years, from front to back end, in multiple languages. You can licence our software, from client apps to risk management systems, to reach fast growing markets before your competition. Speak to us about JV and partnership opportunities.

We can offer bespoke algorithmic trading systems for you to operate your own arbitrage or market-making enterprises. Our CEO is a market microstructure expert with 20 years experience. It has also advised several ICOs on their cryptoeconomics, improving stakeholder alignment and eliminating attack vectors to create more valuable assets.

Ad-Hoc We are usually working on one or more side projects, and love to investigate interesting new ideas in the crypto, finance and gaming spaces. Contact us and see if there is some way to collaborate.

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