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Points are typically connected by lines to suggest continuity. Applications of news analytics in finance: We use them because they work.

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On the other hand, thinking LIKE a technician has everything to do with succeeding at trading. Indicators for the most part describe the past, not the future.

Nonetheless, Technical Analysis works because T. Traders who need to be right dont win in the market. The successful trader has a well-defined strategy that he follows mechanically. If it works, he knows whats working if it doesnt work, he knows what isnt working.

He also knows that what worked yesterday may stop working tomorrow. The successful trader knows the risk he can handle that will let him sleep at night, and he trades within that risk.

The surer you are about a trade, the more dangerous it may turn out to be. There is no such thing as a sure thing. Putting a second and third helping of eggs in the same basket, while sometimes a good idea, is a bad idea if it breaks this rule. Multiple trades intentionally in the same Industry or Sector is another form of putting too many eggs in the same basket. Always going Long is a bad idea too, for similar reasons.

More importantly, obey them. This is called discipline. Rethink your strategy and your executions and begin afresh tomorrow. Even if youre a computer program! If todays trades are with you, be thankful, and careful. Being smart can cost you dearly. No trade should be smaller than of your trading capital.

Diversity can easily slide into futile dilution. Well, if the tribes Medicine Man had whipped out his trusty H-P Calculator, and if he had told the Chief to put the tribes new-found wealth into a C. Even at 6 it would be worth billion, arguably a fair price for all of Manhattans Real Estate.

When a pre-determined set of conditions trigger a pre-determined action, take it. Cut your losses and ride your winners. Easy to say, right? Use Trailing Stops for Exiting positions. Employ tight Stops either your timing is right or you dont want to stay in the trade. Too obvious Commissions are enough by themselves to sink an otherwise successful trader.

Thats not low enough! A 15 flat commission is WAY high for a share trade, not good for a share trade, and great for a 10, share trade. Relativity rules in equity trading too. If you play with high spreads, youre betting at the track 65 edge you have to cheat to win at all. The Swing-Trader is less inclined to heed this advice, to his cost. Volatile stocks are an investors Hell and a traders Heaven.

Pre-select stocks that are volatile and liquid. Get in early in the direction you want. The risk of a 2-day bounce is less than that of a 9-day trend. Relative volatility is more important than absolute. If you dont like low priced stocks, keep in mind that a 50 stock that moves 2. Cheaper means more leverage.

If you can find a highly liquid stock with a wide spread not likely , you can play the spread for a small profit. Take into account how regular market events affect the markets. Take into account how Day of Week and Time of Day affect the markets. Shun the 1st 45 minutes of the day, or learn to trade them.

More 24 On Direction Tend not to trade against a stocks own trend obviously, trend reversals are a big exception to this. Tend not to trade against a strong markets industrys sectors direction. Look for Maverick stocks that go against the market, their industry and their sector they can be interesting exceptions to this rule. Be wary of going Long near Resistance or Short near Support.

Theres safety in numbers make lots of smart trades and youll win in the traders game. Safety can look like good value or support or a good price or a trend. Charts are 2-D graphical visualizations of Number Series across N dimensions. A charts vertical axis 1st dimension maps price and volume.

Its horizontal axis 2nd dimension maps time. Static print Charts are the sine qua non of the technical analyst and of interday traders. Dynamic Real-Time charts are the sine qua non of the intraday trader.

Charts portray the past they do NOT predict the future. While the past cannot predict the future, what else have we to look at? And if we don't learn from history, it will surely repeat itself. Points are typically connected by lines to suggest continuity. A point typically locates the Closing price of the security. A bar typically reveals the equity's Open, High, Low, and Close. A candlestick shows all four prices.

Candlesticks' advantage over bars are their ability to show 2-period relationships more clearly. Charts with no security name, no price-axis, and no time-axis values, ought to be viewed with suspicion. The time-frame 30 years, 1 year, 2 months, 1 day that a chart maps from end to end is chosen by the user. The time-interval 1 year, 1 week, 1 day, 1 tick that is mapped by one period on the chart is chosen by the user.

Only Real-Time charts can display time-intervals less than 1 day. A trader ought to know what is his time-frame and use charts appropriate to that choice. IOW, one-minute charts are appropriate to the extreme intraday trader, not to swing traders. That is ALL they show that is not derived or invented. Indicators or Systems are arithmetic functions of price, volume and time data. They all mean something objectively their mathematical definition.

But it is their subjective meaning that gives them power. Traders make decisions based upon the meaning they give them. Thus, they mean what the trader thinks they mean. Thus, a trader will see trends, breakouts, reversals and consolidations. Most traders believe that the chart they are looking at actually shows the patterns they see.

However, the pattern s a trader sees is much like interpreting a Rorschach inkblot. While each pattern is supposed to suggest a trade -- one way or the other, sooner or later -- it is up to the trader to see the pattern and to act on it. The chart will only show what a security WAS doing, not what it will do. Consider A securitys price must go up, go down or remain the same. If a securitys price persistently goes up, it defines an up trend. But how long is "persistent"? Several months, days, or just hours?

How consistent is persistent? How steep must be the price climb in order to call it a trend? Does the daily chart show a trend and the weekly not? Must it meet all or some of these criteria? Thus, even recognizing a simple pattern like an up trend requires human judgment. The successful trader will concentrate on a small number of systems or patterns to look for, in choosing a security to watch or a time to pounce.

Without this discipline, decision-making would be rendered impossible. And the trader would not know what technique to credit or blame for his results. Who fails to act on his charts interpretation is wasting somebodys time. Personally, I look for long trends against the market direction , with the beginnings of a reversal showing up over a few days.

There are thousands of diet books no diet is for everybody. There are hundreds of books on trading successfully no method is for everybody. The good trader has his OWN strategy. Interpreting charts is personal you'll see what you see.

Charts are utterly invaluable. But they are NOT the key to the treasury the dragon is sitting on that. And the dragon is the trader's own psyche. Folks who buy black box programs believe this folks who pay lots of money to learn someone elses secrets believe this.

What worked on one market doesnt work for another, what worked for one sector doesnt work for another, what worked for one security doesnt work for another, what worked for one security yesterday doesnt work tomorrow, and what works on a weekly chart doesnt even work on the daily chart of the same security over the same time-frame. If the DFC candle 9: Here the close above high is on 4 candle. If The Candle with Gap down price gives closing below the low, go for sell trade. Here the close below low is on 2 candle.

We use them because they work. Our trading methods are based on simple rules which anyone can easily adopt. They help us to act in time with perfect information and give best results.

Our trading methods are tested and confirm that are accurate and profitable. We impart training to investors and traders using our trading methods that can help you to become independent profitable trader. For more details check this www.

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