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Market Summary

Professional Elliott Wave Indicator for MT4 platform. Calculating + possible elliott waves.

Prices closed in to each other during the day, but the spread was increasing again the past few hours. Don't know what the game plan is, - maybe it's just a simple fight between bears and bulls, - maybe it's what i mentioned a Price action is going nowhere fast. A consolidation within a consolidation. A tough market for those who do not have the ability to wait. Just like trending markets do not continue forever, neither do ranging markets. Consolidations are an expression of balance in terms of However, behind the seeming simplicity of the trade of the rebound from levels, and their breakdown lies a lot of nuances, which are often If we see breakup then look for lower time frame for long.

If we are going to see breakdown then one more short term bearish leg and then longer term buy from How you can trade on this chart. Follow my lower time frame updates. Good Luck Please support the New Use case, store of value 5. Bitcoin is consolidating in triangle. That's a signal that bis players accumulate their position and there will be powerful move. You need to think like a trader and wait when big players show their plans. That signal will be breakout. There are 2 scenarios: Open long if the price will break up.

Open Short if the price will break down that In the case of Swell and xRapid launch, this to me looks like a buy the rumor, sell the news type event as we also saw last year. We might see a short term bounce before the eventual downturn plays out though. I have funds now to invest. The charts looking better now. I sold just below Hi Dodger, Only just noticed your post, sorry for not replying. Hi Capra - you got a view on VED at the moment?

Mixed week so far but just about breakeven. I am finding BBY to be a bit of a goldmine - seems stuck in a range. STRL going to be one to watch. I have take a very small position won't suit you being a technical trader. Well, since your post I don't believe it closed above I'm thinking perhaps wait for entry until it closes above that?

A close above would also give a - potential trend reversal. This is looking very bullish to me indeed. A close above today would be very bullish here, imo. SOU, Sound Energy comes with some risk but big rewards and timescale not long.. It is tempting to get in now but I think I will wait a little for a better confirmation. The chart below is where I was showing the potential current and previous 'Wolfe Wave'. A break of maybe a safer entry.

A bit more risk involved with entry at current as no real conformation. Are Inchape still following their 10 stage structured sales process or have they knocked that garbage on the head? Looks like the current share buyback is over for now The price has dropped off recent high of p ish and glad i got out soon after.

Guess mounting concerns about car finance bubble issues are weighing on peoples minds and a director sold quite a chunk today too May well get back in when the dust settles

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