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JD Jordaan Hello, what did you do eventually I also need some help? Our system discovered an unusual conflict between your access details and card number and have therefore set limitations to some online features. I must just give him 6 weeks time from date.

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We will send your eBucks business card via post. Boost your eBucks earn with additional products, fuel or airtimerewards and by adapting your banking behaviour. Discover the partners that help you earn eBucks and how. You can combine your eBucks and Rands into a single total at our in-store partners , certain online partners , eBucks Shop and eBucks Travel. The more points you receive from the bank, the higher your reward level.

The higher your reward level, the bigger your percentage of your discount. Airtime and SMS vouchers can take up to 24 hours, gift cards may take up to 5 working days, while all other products may take up to 14 working days to be delivered. To register for eBucks for business, your business must first meet the minimum qualifying criteria:. To earn eBucks from FNB , your business must first meet the following qualifying criteria:.

Book a holiday yourself via our Online Booking Engine , a self-service portal for quick and easy online booking. Alternatively, call our eBucks Travel Desk for tailor-made holidays. Please do not attempt to make another booking if you receive an error during your transaction.

Call the eBucks Travel Desk on immediately and they will assist you to complete your booking. You can combine your eBucks and Rands when paying for travel. Contact the Emirates contact centre Central Reservations: Please read the full terms and conditions. If you do not earn or spend eBucks within a six month period, the account will be considered dormant.

A dormancy fee covers the cost of maintaining a dormant eBucks account. A fee of eB90 will be deducted from the dormant eBucks account each month. When you begin to earn or spend eBucks again, this fee will no longer apply.

Have you experienced trouble with our site or service? Please give us all the details below and we'll get back to you. Please report all phishing emails to onlinefraud ebucks. Quotation needed Did you know that you can now browse and book domestic and international flights, domestic car rental and domestic and international accommodation on eBucks Travel online? What would you like a quote for? Flight details One-way Return Multi-city.

Children 0 1 2 3 4 5. How many rooms 1 2 3 4 5. Breakfast Lunch Dinner All inclusive. Do you need accommodation Yes No. Preferred star rating 2,3,4,5 2 3 4 5. Do you need car hire Yes No. Do you need transfers Yes No. Do you need additional tours Yes No. Type of tour required.

Approximate budget for total party: Car hire details Pick up date: Travel changes or cancellations During office hours Any changes or cancellations to your existing bookings must be done by one of our eBucks Travel Desk consultants. Please contact us on If you are a Lifestyle Customer please contact your dedicated eBucks Lifestyle Number. Please contact us on Please have your reservation number ready for the consultant After hours If you need to make any urgent changes or cancel your booking outside of eBucks Travel Desk or eBucks Lifestyle office hours: Airline ticket changes Kulula Flight only: If you've made a flight-only booking, your first change can be done on www.

Alternatively, phone 58 58 52 from Monday to Sunday: Please contact the airline directly you will find contact numbers on their websites or make changes at the airport at least 2 hours before departure. Hotel booking changes Monday — Friday: Car rental changes Domestic Avis hour customer care number: Travel Discount Rules All eBucks discounted bookings must be made online on www.

General travel query If you have any general enquiries related to eBucks Travel, please complete the following information and an eBucks Travel consultant will respond to you within 48 hours. If its urgent, please rather contact us on If you have a query not related to your Travel Bookings but just general eBucks query, please contact the eBucks Contact Centre for information.

Online errors When you encounter an error when booking online, here are a few steps to take to help us resolve the issue. Take note of the steps you took before encountering this error. Check if any payments have gone off of your account. Copy and paste the error message into the form below with your notes on where in the process it happened. Make sure to include any error code that you receive. My eBucks card I've lost my personal eBucks card You can get a new eBucks card yourself in the following ways: Get it by post for FREE 21 days delivery.

Get it by courier and only pay R30 for the delivery fee 5 working day delivery. Get it at select Dis-Chem stores for R9. You can also phone and select option 1. Click on the My eBucks tab at the top of the screen to access your eBucks profile.

Can I earn eBucks from partners other than the bank? Then after a couple of phone calls and e-mails somebody phoned me while I was at SARS and could not talk a lot.

I was crying and could not really talk at SARS. Then the following payment was much less and after e-mails it was said that they changed my contract. Now I paid less but still did not have any benefit because I cannot pay for holidays. I had to pay my yearly fee for flexiclub. Now I will give it back in May The 6 vouchers they gave are 4 for overseas and 2 for SA. I did not used it because I tried to sort out this big mess.

I hope Marcs played lekker golf because he steel my money. If you people cannot sell the timeshare as promised then you breached the contract as well, but that is not said in the contract. God knows that I am not talking nonsense. He must just know God is not sleeping. If you can lie you can steel as well. Sorry I come down on you but put yourself in my shoes. Petro du Preez Same to us. We were told they will pay us R for 10 times a year. From Oktober till end August they did do any thing to give me 1c but they rake money every time.

I can cancel at any time with all my money back I did cancel with a email and phone call in 5 working days time but they refuse to help. Hi, If any of you have made the deposit using a bank card and have not been refunded as yet, I suggest you contact your bank to dispute the transaction on grounds of the merchant not upholding their refund policy.

Your bank should submit a chargeback instruction to their bank and you get your money back. They have 2 weeks to prove that your dispute and the chargeback was not valid. All cards issued by international card brands support chargebacks. Contain the bank that issued your card.

As a MasterCard or Visa Issuer they should facilitate you in this process. Thank you Regards Anon. It took the bank FNB only 3 days and the charge back was done for the full amount. We are gratefull for your excellent advise I am currently told that they can effect a charge back.

The sheriff delivered my letter and also another complainer, letters to this address as per contract toady. They signed for acceptance. Do you have any advice? Piet13 My bank currently say a chargeback is not possible - What is the rules - How can you help. Piet13 Hi, I have manage to charge back with my bank Standard bank. M hereToHelp Hi Anon do you have a email address to send cancellation letter. Francois De Klerk Good for you. Piet13 I also want to know what to do please.

Only the deposit was paid with a credit card and apparently Nedbank says that one cannot reverse a credit card payment. Surely if we all pull together we can stop these people as they just carry on with the scheme. Cannot see why we should all be anonymous.. I can be contacted at the following mail add. Willie Harmse We were in the same boat. We went to the Lakeside FNB in Benoni and the consultant told us that the transaction could not be reversed.

We then read 'Anons' advise regarding Chargebacks. It took a few minutes to fill in a dispute form I had the same issues as all of you. I managed to trace down a guy from SAGE you helped me.

Sage do not want to be associated with fraudulent businesses. SAGE managed to stop my debit orders and now I am fighting for my deposit taken from my credit card.

I am sure you can contact this guy from SAGE directly. The more complaints he receive the better chance there is to stop these scammers. Attended a presentation of theirs last night at Tuinland Nursery in Vereeniging. I did not sign because the whole presentation was just wrong in my personal opinion. An employee with VHI whom I recognised from two years ago and who had made false promises then whilst working for another company just confirmed my doubts.

After resort to the net today and seeing all previous comments from many dissatisfied people I am very glad that I was not caught in this scam. I just don't understand how these people are getting away with this nonsense for so many years already. Just my 10 cents. Heads up to Google. Hi, we were unfortunately caught with the same trick by VHI. We paid R upfront and now it is time for the monthly payments, but we want to cancel before that happens, also not prepared to pay the huge early termination penalty.

JD Jordaan Hello, what did you do eventually I also need some help? We were in the same boat.. We sent registered letters, emails and faxes to VHI within the 5 day cooling of period..

As the agreement also provided for a monthly payment per debit order against our Credit Card we went to the bank and cancelled the card so they could not process the debit order. We received a new card, at no cost, 5 days later. We then read about the Chargeback facility that 'Anon' posted on this site Posted 10 March It was the best advice ever.

We visited the bank FNB on late Tueday afternoon and all they needed was proof that we advised VHI within the 5 day cooling of period and to sign a dispute form. Friday morning we had a call from FNB's dispute department asking us to confirm that we received no goods or services. We expected to wait 2 weeks for results. To our astonishment we were told the chargeback woul be done within 20 minutes to an hour. I tried to book the vouchers and with the seven days in Pletterberg you have to eat all meals in the hotel ans you need to pay this in advance.

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